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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shagun talking to Mani. She says I m upset, I wanted to participate in mother and daughter cooking competition, but Raman and Ishita did not allow me. He says cheer up, we will go for dinner, your reserve the table, we will head. Shagun calls the restaurant to reserve table and says her name Shagun Bhalla. The lady says Bhallas have reserved table. Shagun says it will be for everyone. The lady says no, its just Raman and Ishita, they reserved for candle light dinner. Shagun says so this is their plan, Niddhi was right, I will not let this happen. Ishita gets ready and gets message. She says why is Aaliya sending headphone’s pics. Aaliya calls her and asks her to choose some headphone, she has to gift it to her friend, he likes to hear music. Ishita smiles thinking


of Adi and asks who is he.

Aaliya says I will tell later, just tell me. Ishita chooses metallic blue one. Aaliya says I also liked it, you are the best, thanks. Ishita ends call and says Adi likes blue. Aaliya says this is for Mihir, he will hear retro songs. Ishita says I should tell this to Ruhi, I shall leave first.

Raman acts to be on call. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla smile seeing him. Adi stops Raman and says Aaliya called me, she wants to buy special gift for me, she asked my likes and dislikes, what shall I do, tell me. Raman says if she is saying her feelings, you also express her feelings. Adi says I will propose her. Raman says no, just express you like her, gift her something. Adi asks why are you seeing there, give me some tips. He asks is your friend in room. Raman says no, my keys are left there. Adi smiles and says I know Papa, I just want you and Ishi maa to spend quality time.

Shagun calls Pihu and asks her to wear her pink dress in party. Pihu says we are not going for party. Shagun asks what, did Raman not tell you anything, he is taking Ishita on dinner. Pihu says Papa lied to me and going with aunty. Shagun says yes, I thought he told you. Pihu gets angry and says how can Papa do this. Shagun says Ishita ruined my life, I will make your life hell.

Raman waits for Ishita. Adi asks did you get keys. Raman asks what keys, oh yes, it was on dressing table. Adi says that would be house keys, car keys are here and gives him keys. Raman says I m in hurry. Ruhi sings Chupana bhi nai aata… Raman asks whats this cheap song, let me go, my friend called. Mrs. Bhalla jokes. Raman says you all will make me late, I was finding exit door. Raman sees Ishita and signs her to come after 10mins. He leaves. Everyone compliment Ishita and her new saree. Ishita says its old, I have worn it before. Ruhi asks is it special friend. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, her friend is from Australia. Ishita says I will get late, where is Pihu. Ruhi says she maybe in room, you go. They all laugh.

Ishita goes out to Raman and says come, they were asking a lot of questions. Pihu is in backseat and says Papa, where are you going, I want to come with you on dinner, will this aunty come along, you said we will celebrate tomorrow. Ishita says no, he was just dropping me, I was going to meet my friend. Pihu says I will go with Raman. He says I m going to meet friend, you go and sleep. Pihu says mumma told me you are going with Ishita aunty.

Raman and Ishita see each other. Ishita says its nothing like that, I will go by cab, Raman you take Pihu, then she will believe we are not lying. She gets down the car. Raman says see Pihu, I m not taking Ishita, Shagun lied. Pihu says please take me along, don’t leave me. Raman thinks Pihu is disturbed and feeling insecure. He says fine, we will go on dinner today. Pihu thanks him and says I love you. They leave. Ishita looks on.

Mani gets ready and asks Shagun to come. Shagun says I m sorry, can we go someday else, I got NGO case, I have to rush there to see a woman, she is in bad state. He says its okay, carry on, we will go some day. She leaves. Ishita says I can’t even go home, why does Shagun do this, she is using Pihu. She gets worried for Raman. Aaliya takes the gift for Mihir and hopes he likes the gift. Ruhi asks Ishita why is Shagun doing this, you know Papa’s anger, if Shagun comes there, he will be angry. Ishita sees her concern and smiles. Ruhi asks her to just go to Raman. Ishita hugs her. Ruhi wishes her all the best and sends her. Ruhi says Shagun would plan something knowing about their date.

Mihir asks whats this. Aaliya says its gift for you, I hope you like this. Mihir checks the gift. She removes the beautiful wrapped in hurry and shows the headphone. She says I got this for you, you can take it anywhere, it has Bluetooth too, you can hear Lata’s songs. He says its nice, this looks expensive, I can’t accept this. She asks whats the problem. He says its not right to accept expensive gift, you are also listening hindi songs, you listen it on this headphone. She says its okay if you don’t like it, throw it in dustbin. She leaves while he calls her out.

Pihu orders the food. Raman thinks to message Ishita and sees Shagun there. He tells Pihu that he will just come and goes to Shagun. He scolds Shagun for using Pihu, you did this with Ruhi and Adi, I won’t let you use Pihu. She says I did not, she was upset and called me. He says don’t think I m kid to get fooled, get the hell out of here now, don’t create any issue, you know what I can do. She leaves.

Pihu tells Ishita that she hates her. Shagun says I will sign on the papers, you will get independent Pihu. Ishita stops Shagun and says I took a decision. Raman asks Ishita not to do this.

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