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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Pihu hugging Shagun. Raman gets shocked seeing Shagun and Pihu goes. Raman scolds Shagun and asks her not to meet Pihu. Shagun argues and leaves. Raman tells Pihu that Shagun had work and left. Pihu asks how did she go, how will we participate now. Raman says who said, we won’t participate, Pihu and Pihu’s Papa will participate. The ladies look on. Pihu says you don’t know cooking. Raman says I can cook anyone, whats food then. The ladies smile and asks will you participate. Raman says yes, for my daughter, I don’t know cooking, will you help me. They all agree. He asks whats the easiest thing to cook.

Shagun goes to Niddhi and tells her how Raman insulted her. Niddhi asks her to calm down. Shagun asks did you think of any plan. Niddhi gets Ashok’s call and says its really good news, thanks. Shagun asks what did Ashok say. Aaliya calls Shagun and says sorry, I can’t come with you to airport to pick Appa, there is crisis in office, investor backed out at final moment, there is much work. Shagun says you focus on work, I will pick Mani. Niddhi asks Shagun about Raman’s investor backing out, Ashok told this to me, so I was smiling, I called Singhal and told him about Ishita, he took his investment back. Shagun smiles.

The ladies talk to Raman, maybe you can’t participate. Pihu hears him and goes. Raman says I m doing this for Pihu. The principal says rules are rules, Raman can’t participate. The ladies support Raman’s decision and says this will give a lesson to all fathers that they should also take responsibility of kids. principal says I will meet PTA members meeting, if Raman can convince then, he can participate in this competition. Raman thanks him.

Raman cuts carrot. Mrs. Bhalla laughs and asks him to cut right, food should have good taste and look good. Pihu tells Simmi that they will make biryani. Simmi asks will Raman be able to make that. Ishita, Mihir, Adi and Aaliya come home upset. Raman asks Pihu to decide. He sees Ishita upset and asks her what happened. Ruhi asks Pihu to say what will she eat. Pihu says chicken 65. Ruhi asks any veg dish. Pihu says Chole masala. Ruhi agrees.

Raman asks how can Singhal do this, Ashok did this. Ishita says no, Singhal thinks I m not business women so I can’t decide, just come to office and assure him that you will take all decisions. He says I can’t come office, Pihu needs me at her school competition, I have to win Pihu’s confidence and make her close to you, I won’t lose this contract, I will meet Singhal, Mihir fix a meeting, I will meet him at office tomorrow. Pihu says you can go office, I have to win competition, I will call Shagun. She goes.

Raman says this time I can’t help you Ishita, else Pihu will call Shagun, I have to be with Pihu, sorry, no deal is imp than my daughter. She says Singhal has sent a legal notice, you have to come. He says I can’t come. She says we will find another solution for Pihu’s matter. He says we all are with you, if we are together, we will win, even contract and cooking competition. She says you managed everything so well, I can’t spoil things. He assures her everything will be fine. She says I have strong support system, you are with me, we will be together and deal with this, I won’t get nervous now. He holds her. yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays………..

Shagun picks Mani at airport and tells her about crisis at Raman’s office, Aaliya could not come. He calls someone and asks about the contract. He gets worried. Shagun thinks poor Mani, he worries for Ishita even today. Mani tells Shagun that he has to meet Ishita. Shagun says sure, I will drop you.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman can Ishita manage this big duty now, she is new to all this. Raman says yes, if we show trust, she will do this, I had to make cookies for Pihu, I got that burnt. Ishita helped me by guiding, we also have to support her, I m confident she will do this, Pihu needs me now, you all just encourage Ishita. Appa says I m sure, the wife on whom husband has such belief, that wife can never lose.

Mani meets Ishita and explains her about Singhal’s issue. He says you don’t have business background. if Singhal backouts, other investors will also get affected, Raman has to come back, if he talks to Singhal once, there won’t be problem. She says Raman is not willing to meet, he is saying Pihu is more imp, he will not leave home, how will I fix meet. Mani says I will try to convince Singhal to come home and Raman can meet him, once Raman assures Singhal, it will be fine. She says I m tensed, such big responsibility is on me, I don’t want to ruin Raman’s business by wrong decision, call Singhal, we will see.

Ruhi asks Ishita not to worry, this is not easy, but we will face this easily, Raman is with us. Ishita says I m just nervous. Singhal comes there. Ishita greets him and welcomes him. He says Mrs. Ishita Bhalla, if you called me for deal, sorry its over, some investors are with me, they will not invest this project, I will sit if you called me for tea. She says Raman will talk to you. Singhal says stop this, what will I do meeting Raman if you are managing this project. She asks him to give her a chance. He says I don’t trust you, women should manage home and family, you are managing business, you are a woman and I doubt woman’s capabilities. They all look on.

He says woman power and equality is just to say, a man’s work is to earn money and woman has to manage home, let Raman work and you manage home. Ishita says wow, I m sorry to respect you, this sofa is not available for you, you can’t sit here, you don’t know woman power, I felt you are backing out as I m dentist, you backed out as I m woman, you have such a cheap thinking, I can’t respect you, my Raman is at home as my daughter needs him, man and woman stand equal here, you can’t show me small, I challenge you I will complete this project with or without you, this is my challenge. Raman comes and claps.

Singhal says if this project does not get completed, your company will return my investment with 15% interest and 25% penalty, do you agree. Raman says no, 30% interest and 50% penalty, I m with Ishita. Ishita accepts Singhal’s challenge.

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