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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Ruhi and Pihu. Pihu says she liked her dress a lot and asks Raman to make chocolate cookies without taking anyone’s help. She says she is going to Iyer house and goes with Ruhi. Raman goes to make cookies. Ishita offers help, but he tells her that he will make cookies alone. Romi asks Sanchi not to play games with him.


Sanchi says I did not know its your house and gets inside her house. She shuts the door. Romi says she is mad girl, she can tell everyone about us. Raman concentrates on recipe and call disturbs him. Recipe gets changed. He bakes cookies and says this is done, I will go and freshen up till cookies get baked. He goes. Ishita comes in kitchen and checks cookies, which got burnt. She calls out Raman. He asks did you come here by

getting its aroma. She asks him to take cookies out. He asks how did it get burnt. She says its wrong recipe, you added apple crust. He says credit card people called and I did this mistake. She asks him to make it again, I will help you. He says no.

She says you manage a big company, whats this thing then, when I made non veg for the first time, I made it so bad and you encouraged me, I will help you. He says no, I will do alone. She says fine, I will stand away. He says its done, stand there and say what to do. She tells him recipe. Ruhi, Mihir and Aaliya come. Raman tells Mihir that he has no time to talk. Mihir says fine, I came to meet my sister. Raman asks Ruhi to say instructions. Ishita ties rakhi to Mihir and says ask Aaliya, I missed you every year. He gifts her and says finally, Adi has come. He asks him to come and discuss project details. Ishita talks to Aaliya.

Aaliya says I have to talk a lot. Ishita asks her to say, let me start with your beauty, you are glowing, you look pretty and blushing, is this love. Ishita says no Amma. Ishita says I m your Amma, don’t hide from me, I m excited. Aaliya says its complicated, I don’t know if he feels the same, when right time comes, I will tell you first. Ishita gets message and says I have to study, I got many books, I don’t know how to study again. Aaliya says you are saying this. Ishita says I m not getting motivation. Aaliya says we will do something to make study interesting, if you answer questions right, you will get prize. She says if you answer right, you will get chance to hug Ruhi. Ishita laughs and says you know how to convince me, I like it.

Aaliya and Ishita sit to prepare studies. Ishita answers right and goes to hug Ruhi. Ruhi is helping Raman in kitchen. Aaliya asks more questions. Ishita answers right again and goes to hug Ruhi. Ruhi understands the game and laughs. Raman hugs Ishita and Ruhi. They call Aaliya too. They all have a group hug.

Raman presents cookies to Pihu. Pihu likes the cookies. Everyone clap for Raman. Aaliya says Amma, you and Raman did a great job. Ishita says thanks, I m happy to answer right and hug Ruhi again and again. They smile.

Later, Ishita asks Raman what happened to his hand. He says I got hurt, I forgot to wear oven gloves and take tray out, its fine, I have become mumma recently, I will learn. Ishita says this is so cute and applies ointment to his hand. She says I have pain in wrist, I have to write a lot. He asks her to take rest. She says I m loving this role reversal, we are doing this for Pihu. He massages her hands and says you are managing my business, it will flop if your hands get ache. She says finally, we can understand each other’s work, we will get Pihu right. He says yes, if we are sacrificing so much, don’t worry, Pihu will also come.

Ishita wakes up by alarm. Raman also wakes up after some time. She says I don’t understand this project, I have to study and make this presentation too. Raman says you will manage, I m thinking how kids study so much, Pihu has to make a scrapbook, why are you in stress. She says its all new for me. He says I will help you, its not a big deal, go office, its imp, else you can’t understand the ones working there, I told Adi to be with you. She asks who will manage home. He says I m here to manage everything, lets do role reversal well, Pihu needs art paper and items tomorrow, where will I get it now. Ishita says I have already kept it. He asks how do you manage all this.

She says like you manage your big business, you can do this too. He says we will share work and they discuss on the project and scrapbook work. yeh hai mohabbatein………plays…… Door bell rings. She says it maybe milkman. Raman asks her to go and get ready for office, I will attend milkman. Raman goes to take milk. Milkman asks you… Raman asks why, won’t you give me milk, give same quantity.

Ishita gets ready and talks to Aaliya. Raman asks Ishita to get ready fast, she has board meeting. Ishita asks about the saree. He says its perfect, I told Adi to be with you, I keep cash and files in drawer, don’t miss to have food being busy in work. She asks how will I remember. Raman says I will remind you. She gets Aaliya’s message and says she is wishing me all the best, she is so lovely, she is like my best friend, don’t say anyone, Aaliya told me she is in love. Raman thinks of Adi and smiles.

Ishita says sorry I did not identify you. The man says I m your company’s investor, I m taking my funds back from this project. Ishita gets shocked. Mihir says you can’t do this. Ashok comes and asks why.

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