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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Simmi asking Romi to get Rakhi tied fast. Mihika thinks its good Romi is at home today. Simmi ties rakhi to Romi and makes him have fast. Raman looks on and thinks of seeing Romi with the girl. He thinks I can’t ask Romi anything again. Simmi ties rakhi to Raman. Mihika tells Ishita that Raman will be caught badly today. Raman asks why are you guys laughing. He gifts Simmi. Simmi says you can’t go, raksha bandhan did not finish. Raman says I just have one sister. They all show him the women coming, and say your other sisters have come. The ladies ask why did Raman call us. Simmi says he wants more sisters to tie rakhi to him. The ladies make excuses and run away. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to listen.


Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla to tell them what she will do if they

don’t tie Rakhis. Mrs. Bhalla tells the remaining women that she will call their husbands and tell them. The ladies unwillingly tie Rakhis to Raman. They play Bhaiya mere……….Ishita smiles and sends the ladies. Mrs. Bhalla laughs. Raman makes a face. Mrs. Bhalla says look at his face. Ishita asks handsome Kumar, what happened, you are so charming that all girls wants to tie you Rakhi. Simmi says Adi is not ready to come. Ishita asks Raman to call Adi. Raman says I can make all city women my sisters to see you jealous. They smile.

Raman asks Adi to come and celebrate raksha bandhan. Adi says I can’t come, call Ruhi and Pihu here, Ruhi invited Aaliya here, if she ties me rakhi then… Raman says no, we are not related to Mani. Adi says you don’t know women, if Aaliya ties rakhi seeing Ruhi then.. Raman says yes, women can’t be believed, if Aaliya comes to tie rakhi, I will sign, you run away, I assure you, she won’t tie rakhi to you. He takes Adi out. Mr. Bhalla brings Ruhi and Pihu. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla call them pretty. Pihu thanks Raman for the dress, its her fav dress. Raman says Papa did not get that dress, I mean I know your fav color and got it, come tie rakhi to Adi.

Ruhi ties Rakhi to Adi and feeds him sweets. Adi gifts her. Ruhi hugs him and asks Pihu to come. Pihu does tilak and aarti, and ties rakhi. Adi gifts her. Pihu likes the Barbie doll and Raman did he get gift for Adi. Raman says yes, and gets a call. He goes.
Pihu gifts Adi a box. Adi finds cosmetics in it. Everyone laugh. Adi asks what will I do of this. Simmi says Adi, you have to use this. Raman says no, this is for not Adi, I got this for Ishita, sorry all gifts got mixed. Pihu asks did you forget my gift… She gets annoyed and runs. Raman goes after Pihu. Ishita gets sad.

Raman says I got gift for Adi, I gave you wrong packet, listen to me, don’t cry. She says I won’t listen. He says I can do anything to make you smile. Ruhi comes and tries to talk. She says that gift was from my side, I told Raman to get that for Ishita. Pihu asks really. Raman says yes. Ruhi says Raman planned a surprise for you, he is going to take you for fairy’s movie, you will go to fav burger place. Raman says yes, I booked tickets too. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla look on. Pihu says I want something. Raman says I will give whatever you ask. Pihu asks Raman will he get anything. He promises. She asks for chocochip cookies. Raman gets relieved and says yes. Ruhi says we will first go for movie. Pihu says sorry, I got angry, I love you. She goes. Raman thanks Ruhi for handling Pihu. Ruhi asks Raman to book fairies movie.

Aaliya tells Shagun that I m going to bhalla house, Ruhi invited me, are you preparing rakhis. Shagun says yes, Mihir is coming. Aaliya smiles. Shagun says black is his fav color, he does not say anything, I have to push him for everything. She thinks whats happening, Aaliya ‘s face lights up on hearing Mihir’s name. Mihir comes and says sorry, I got late. Shagun ties rakhi to him and feeds laddoo. He asks did you get my gift. He says I forgot. She asks him to take along Aaliya to Ishita’s house. Aaliya smiles and goes to get ready. Shagun thinks does Aaliya like Mihir, I don’t believe this, this can be of use to me in future.

Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that everything went well, I m happy. Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu should know you are her mum. Ishita says yes, but I m content that Ruhi will manage everything, I m so proud of Ruhi. Simmi tells Ishita that someone came to meet you. Ishita says sorry, I did not recognize you. Sanchi says I m your lecturer Sanchi, you enrolled for correspondence course, you took late admission, you won’t have my subject notes, so I marked everything, I took your address from college, test is next week. Ishita thanks her for notes and praises her for being so dedicated. Mrs. Bhalla asks Sanchi to have something. Romi calls Sanchi. She disconnects.

Romi says whats her problem, I have to meet her. Mihika looks at him and asks whats going on, tell me if there is anything to say. Romi thinks did Ramn tell her college incident. He says its nothing like that, did anyone say. She says no, I m not a kid, I can see things. He says there is nothing serious, I have to go for meeting. She says its holiday today. He says I m a business, not any office employee to get holidays, I have to run my business and goes. She says Romi thinks I don’t understand anything. Mrs. Bhalla praises Sanchi to become teacher in such young age. Romi comes. Simmi and Ishita introduce Romi to Sanchi. Sanchi gets shocked seeing Romi. Mihika comes and sees Sanchi. She smiles and says you here. Sanchi sees Romi and Mihika together….

Ishita tells Raman that Aaliya wished me all the best, she is my best friend, you don’t tell this to anyone, Aaliya told me she is in love.

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