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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 20th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman complaining of back ache. He salutes the world’s women, how they manage all work. He tells all the work he did. She smiles. He says I m making bed for Pihu’s doll, what are you doing. She says studies, is Pihu’s homework done. He asks her to check. She says its not done. He says its again method maths. She says I will explain you, you explain Pihu in morning. He says thank God you are here to explain me, I will read your business management details and explain you. She asks shall I get coffee. He says yes, add less sugar. She goes out and sees Mihika waiting. She asks did Romi not come till now.


Mihika says maybe he got stuck in work, he will come, don’t worry. Ishita says Romi comes late every night, is everything fine, you can tell me if there

is anything. Mihika says yes, its fine, strangely my new friend said the same. Ishita says be careful of friend’s advice, Raman and I are always there to give you advice, don’t hide anything. She goes. Ishita takes coffee and sees Raman asleep. She takes the books from his hand and he holds her hand. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………… she holds him and makes him sleep well.

Its morning, Raman irons Pihu’s school dress and says I will start with collar. Ishita gets tea. He says stop, tea will fall, you get ready, don’t get late. She says its correspondence course. He says its orientation class, don’t wear saree, everyone will laugh. she says I m fine the way I m. he says everyone will do ragging and make fun, I won’t like it. She kisses on his cheek and calls him cute. She says if my husband talks lovely things and cares for me, I will be ever young. He says come on women’s dev anand, go. She goes. He says I will taunt her again, my wife kissed me and who is burning. He sees Pihu’s uniform burnt and worries as other uniform went for laundry.

Pihu asks Raman why did you burn my uniform, teacher will scold me. Raman says I will talk to teacher and manage. Principal asks what will you manage, you don’t follow rules, this won’t work. Mr. Bhalla and Appa come there and introduce themselves. Appa says we got her uniform the moment the shops opened. He gives uniform to Pihu. Mr. Bhalla and Raman also explain. Principal sends Pihu to change in girls room. He asks Raman to fulfill his responsibility well. Raman says sure. He thanks Appa and Mr. Bhalla for coming, I m worried by mummy’s role, I salute women.

Mihir tells Aaliya that its time for meeting, just check Rajat, I hate anybody coming late. He gets Rajat’s message and says he is saying he can’t come as he is marrying today, did he go mad, he is eloping and marrying, what happened to him. She says whats wrong in that, it shows love. he says I m not against love, Rajat is marrying the girl, even when his parents are against, parents are not your enemies, you forget their love when you get a girl, whats need of such love who makes you away from parents, there is solution, its imp to involve parents in new step of life, hurting parents and starting new life is not right, I think you don’t agree with my opinion. She holds his right and says I agree with you, if love is true, they can face any problem and stay together without hurting anyone. He says I think we have to do meeting without Rajat.

She gets Ishita’s call and goes. Mihir says Aaliya is mad, but really nice. Aaliya talks to Ishita and says I miss you a lot. Ishita says liar, you can’t come and meet Adi, not me. Aaliya says no, I wanted to meet you desperately. Ishita asks why, is there anything, I know you are busy, we will meet on weekend, I miss you so much, I need to talk, I think you will be proud of me, I m going to study business management course. Aaliya says I will see you.

Ishita asks everyone about Raman. Simmi says Raman took Pihu to school. Ishita says he was going to drop me to college. Ruhi says I will drop you, I have to buy rakhis. She asks Simmi for newspaper. Simmi says Appa took it. Ruhi goes out and sees Shagun. Shagun recalls Ashok’s words and tells Ruhi that she came to meet Ruhi, not Pihu. Ruhi asks why. Shagun says I know you will understand me and Pihu’s relation, when you were of Pihu’s age, you just saw Ishita as mum and chose her, you left home and went to Ishita, similarly Pihu came to me, Pihu and I can’t stay without each other, I raised her for 7 years, everyone supported Ishita that time and no one supports me, I love Pihu, its unfair that I m not allowed to meet Pihu, I need your help, I miss Pihu, please unite us. Ruhi says I think you are right, Pihu should be with you. Shagun thanks and hugs her. Ruhi says come, we will talk to Ishita.

Ruhi gets Shagun home. Ishita gets angry on Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun came for Pihu, she is Pihu’s mum, I understood she loves Pihu, she was hurt when you made her away from Pihu. Shagun gets glad. Ruhi says you can kidnap anyone for Pihu, even Ishi Maa. Shagun gets shocked. Ruhi says Ishita made you and Pihu away, it was unfair, what you did was fair? You gave money and address to Pihu asking her to run away, you were comparing me and Pihu, there is big difference in both situations, Ishita did not ask me to run away and provoke me against you, we know what you did, I understood how much you love her, you did not think of her safety, if anything happened to her, what about mistakes you did, I know you kidnapped Ishi Maa, you were acting as if you worry for Ishita, you told kidnappers to kill Ishi Maa, how can anyone fall so low. Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi look on.

Students rag Ishita, while she is happily doing the task. Raman hopes Ishita did not do anything and get shocked seeing Ishita. He gets angry and asks who is troubling my wife, how dare you, she is a doctor and more qualified that you all.

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