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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with the man saying Raman backed out, so this contract goes to Romi Bhalla. Ishita comes and stops him, saying I got late, but I did not back out, I studied the proposal, our company did not use Sodium bicarbonate, I don’t know why did Ashok raise this question, he has our business proposal, every businessman has duty to read proposal well and ask questions, Ashok is not a good business, or he does not Pihu industries or a woman to get this contract.


Ishita introduces women activists to Mr. Murthy. She tells what Ashok feels, that women can just go in kitty parties and are made to manage home and cooking, I m not suitable to sit here in business meeting. The women ask Ashok does he not know to behave with women, maybe he has no women at home, so he does not know

to respect women. Ashok says no, Ishita is mistaken, I respect women, I m happy that Ishita is representing Raman’s company, I told Murthy to give contract to Raman. Murthy gives contract to Ishita. Everyone clap. Ishita thanks Raman in her heart and thinks if I did not think as Raman, I would have not dealt with Ashok.

Raman says I did not think I know to make kids happy. the kids clap. Raman smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays……….. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Ishita at home and praises her. Adi says I told the news to everyone. Mihika says I m so proud of you. They all praise Ishita and say we did not inform Raman mumma. They laugh. Ruhi says I made Neelu call Raman to ask what to cook for Pihu. Ishita says principal is strict, I hope Raman did not have any problem. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry, he is very smart. Amma comes and congratulates Ishita. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla argue. Adi asks them not to argue, we will celebrate and organize a party. Ruhi and everyone like the idea.

Romi comes. Mihika tells Romi that Raman got contract because of Ishita. He smiles and goes to his room. He says my family is strange, they are celebrating for Ishita, what about my failure.

Mihir and Aaliya have a talk. He says he has much work and she asks him to take some time off. She tells about some concert and they discuss their taste of music. She asks what music does he like. He says I like different type of music, old filmi songs, Lata Didi, Kishore Dada, soulful melodies and lyrics. She says I m sorry, who are they. He asks are you serious, you don’t know, you have grown up in Australia, but they are national treasures, their songs are too good, I love Kishore Da’s song Hum hai rahi pyaar ke. She smiles. He gets a call and talks. He asks where were we Aaliya. She sings. He says I have to get back to work. She says yes and looks at him.

Mrs. Bhalla says we are partying for Pihu. Ishita says yes, we will just have family get together. Amma says I will ask Vandu to make drinks. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad. Amma says I mean cold drink. They all laugh. Shagun comes to meet Pihu. Ishita stops her and asks what is the matter, how do you come suddenly. Shagun asks can’t I come, I want to meet Pihu. Ishita asks her not to come, else Pihu can’t adjust with us, she has to get comfortable. Shagun asks can’t I meet my daughter, am I any criminal, I m worried for Pihu. Ishita asks are you not criminal, do you worry for Pihu. Shagun asks how dare you, I won’t talk to you, I will meet Pihu and go.

Ishita says I won’t let you meet Pihu, I know Anil wrote that letter, your name was written in it, you kidnapped me, this drama won’t work infront of me. Shagun asks her to shut up. Raman comes and asks whats happening. Ruhi asks where is Pihu. He says with Shravan. Ishita stops Shagun and says you make the confession that you kidnapped me, else I won’t let you meet Pihu all your life. Shagun asks why should I confess if I did not do anything. Ishita says I know you kidnapped me, you wanted to kill me, you don’t remember, confess this.

Shagun pushes her and says let me meet my daughter. Raman says enough Shagun, you did favor on us to manage this house for 7 years, but I won’t bear my wife’s insult, I understand you are going close to Pihu so that she gets away from Ishita, I m not saying you are criminal, but I banned you from meeting Pihu in school so that she gets close to Ishita. Shagun says she is my daughter too. He says you just gave birth to her, she is Ishita’s daughter, just leave. Raman holds Ishita. Shagun sees them, gets angry and leaves.

Aaliya reads the lyrics of old song and says Mihir was right, its good meaningful song. She gets Mani’s call and talks to him. She asks him to take care, Shagun did not come home, maybe she is busy in Ngo work, fine I will tell her. She ends call. She says if I told Appa that I m checking old songs, he would be shocked, what would I say that I m hearing these songs as Mihir likes it.

Simmi asks Neelu did she make just tinde. Pihu says I don’t like this. Neelu says I asked Raman, he told me, so I made this. Raman comes. Everyone look at him. Raman asks what did I do now. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman why did he say Neelu to make tinde, you know Pihu dislikes. Pihu says I won’t have this. Ishita thinks Ravan kumar got stuck. Raman says its yummy and healthy, and makes her have it saying her serial heroine’s name. She likes it and says its not so bad. Everyone smile.

Shagun is angry and says Ishita called me a criminal, I will show what I can do and become criminal, see how I use my Brahmastra, I will make you away from Pihu, Raman and family, I m going to destroy you Ishita.

Raman tells Ishita that he knows to rectify mistakes. She asks so easily. He says lets make a fresh start. She laughs. They both introduce each other. He says there is name confusion, we are not husband and wife from today. She asks what do you mean.

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