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Yeh dooriyan (Episode 28)

Yeh dooriyan



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Recap : two new entries. Cocktail party.


Swara was listening to that with tears..
She composes herself and went to them. Sanskar n sumi stopped taking seeing her.

“Sanskar sir let’s go na u want me to meet Mrs Banerjee na”she said

“Umm.. vo swara wr will meet her afterwards”sanskar said

“No! Let’s go now! N ma u too come” swara said

“Swara first let’s meet Mr n Mrs Gupta.”sanskar said

“No sir I want to meet Mrs Banerjee only”she force him

“But why swara?”sumi ask

“Vo.. nothing special “swara said

Finally she make him agree.

“Mrs Banerjee meet my would be wife miss bose”sanskar said

“Sanskar sir! Not miss bose. Hello Mrs Banerjee m swara. Swara bose”she said confidently

Kaveri was numb.

“And she is my mother, the best mother in world. Sharmishtha bose” swara said n hugs sharmishtha sideways

Kaveri has tears in her eyes whereas sumi n sanskar were confused.

“U know Mrs Banerjee she is best mother in the world. She is my best friend. unlike other mothers who are selfish, she only cares about me . I was, I am, I will always be her priority. Only my happiness matters to her!! U know Mrs Banerjee she doesn’t have much money but she has love.. she loves me alot .so do I” her voice cracked towards the end n she left crying

Sanskar n sumi understood that swara has heard their talks.

“Sharmishtha I..” Kaveri tried to speak but sumi interrupts “sanskar please go n check her na.. I don’t want MY DAUGHTER TO GET HURT CZ OF ANY UNKNOWN”


Sanskar enters her room n saw her crying.
“Swara” he spoke

“Yes sir” she composes herself

” U hv heard our talks na?” He ask

“Talk? Which talk sir?” She lie

“Shona!! Don’t lie!!” He ask firmly

“Sir did you see that lady!! How happy she was.. she never ever thought about me!! I just hate her.. I won’t forgive that lady” she said

“Swara if u want then we won’t invite them in our wedding” sanskar said

“No sir we will invite that lady!! I want to show her that how happy I’m without her”she said

“Now leave all this okay “he said n kissed her forehead

Sanskar was leaving when she hold his hand and spoke
“I love you sir”

Sanskar turns n put his arms on her shoulders “hmm.. I Love you too. !! But ! I will love you more if you stop calling me sir”

Swara blushes.

“Swara if u blush this much now then what will happen after our marriage” he said

Swara turns crimson

“Ohh!! God!! Stop blushing yaar..u r making me crazy” he said n pulls her in a hug

Both heard a sound “ahem ahem!”

They turn n saw Trisha standing there.

“Swara if you are done with ur hugging can we leave” she said

Swasan’s face faded

“Don’t be sad u will come here 2 days later too”Trisha said

“Ha to Trisha why u r going. Stay here Na. Why to waste petrol u know we should not waste petrol. It’s precious”sanskar makes a stupid excuse

“Sanskar atleast make some sensible excuse to be with her”ap said while coming

“Mom m not making any excuse. Itz just that I care about economy of our country”sanskar said innocently

“Sanskar now stop behaving like a kid after 2 days ur n swara’s mehndi n sangeet will take place so before that n even after sangeet u both r Not supposed to meet”ap said

“What !!!” Both said in unison

Ap gave them a teasing simle n left.. sanskar follows her like a pug.

“But ma in total itz 4 days !! Itz not fair at all”sanskar said

“Sanskar itz basically 3 days 4th day is ur wedding day” ap said

“Are but ma.. how come I live without swara” sanskar said with a pout

“Bhai u r lucky that u got to live with ur love even before marriage. I didn’t meet
Ragu for one whole month” laksh said

“But I think ragini was angry with you?”ap said

“Yes. Ragini n her baseless anger”laksh said

“Oh hello that was ur fault.. u were flirting with other girls that’s why i was Angry with you”ragini Said

“Enough! Swara u go n ya no cheating okay?”ap said

Swara unwillingly nods yes and left.



it’s been a whole day since he has seen swara n this is making him restless.

“Why I feel like something will happen with swara. No. No. No. U r thinking unnecessarily. She must be safe. .. no. I should check her atleast once”he thought n was going out when ap stopped her

“Where are you going” she ask

“Vo to get fresh air”he said

“To get fresh air or to meet swara”ap frowned

“Ah! Mom please lemme go. M feeling restless”he pleads

“No! Itz not good for groom to go out n meet bride. So u r Not going anywhere”ap said strictly

“Mum u hv locked me in this villa.. I didn’t step out since 2days”he said in irritation

Ap ignores his words n left.. sanskar too somehow escape


Dadi came to swara with a glass of milk

“Swara beta have this” dadi passed the glass

“No dadi . I really don’t want to have this. Please” she said

Dadi get up n said “itz okay beta I know you still don’t trust me na. Afterall whatever I did with your ma n u.” Dadi sheds fake tears n was about to go when swara spoke

“Dadi please don’t think this. Give me glass I will drink this for sure “swara took the glass and drank that in a go

“Achha beta will see you soon”dadi smrik n left.

Here sanskar was thinking how to enter in the house. He finally gatecrash n get into the villa n then to swara’s room.

Swara was not feeling well. “I drrank that milk,but m not feeling well. Now what.. may be some air will help me” she thought n went to the balcony.

Sanskar enters her room n Bolt that.. he saw her standing at balcony n tip toe towards her she felt someone behind her n as soon as sanskar came behind her she shouts “Sohai!! Sohai!! kao Sohai korun!!” (Help !! Help !! Someone help me!!)

Sanskar closed her mouth “sshhhh !! Stop shouting it’s me sanskar”
.She felt relived

“U scared me like hell sir!! N why u come here. Don’t you remember what ap mam has said” she said

“Swara please we are family now.. forget this mam n sir!! N what the hell u were shouting!!” He said

“I was asking for help”she said with puppy face

“Which language was that” he ask

“Bengali! Don’t you know people speak their mother tongue in fear” she said

“Hmm then I will surprise you on our sangeet”he thought

Meanwhile dadi peeps in her room from keyhole n saw sanskar with swara she left n call that masked person “I can’t bring her now! Sanskar ia with her! I will try tmrw”

“No ! Now we will play our cards on the wedding day”masked person said n cut the call



Everyone was enjoying the sangeet ceremony but the groom was missing

Suddenly all lights get off n a spot light focus on sanskar . He decend the stairs with Mike in his hand.

” Aita Tumar jonno swara” (This one is for you swara) he said

Everyone got Shocked

“What he said Trisha?” Shlok ask her.

Trisha translates that line for them

“Thank God I have a Bengali wife”shlok said

“ami tomake bhalobasi swara.tumi amar jibon ke swargyo baniyecho.”
(I love you swara . U have made my life heaven) Sanskar said

“Khub besi cheesy bhasa amar jana nei,ami sudhu atuku jani je ami tomake bhalobasi abong sob somoy basbo!”
(I don’t know much cheezy lines I just know that I love you n will always do) he continues n moved towards swara

Swara has tears n a big smile on her face.

“Ami proti din sokale tomar hasi mukh dekhe ghum theke uthte chai.Jokhon e ami basay asbo,tokhon e tomar mukh ta dekhte chai.Sara din sudhu tomar mishti kontho sunte chai.Ami sudhu tomake chai.”
(I want u to wake me up everyday with ur smiling face. I want to see ur face whenever I come home. I want to listen ur soothing voice all day. I just want you.)

He said n hold her hand tightly..

“Ami sudhu tomakei bhalobasi.”
(I just love you)

Tears of Happy were brimming from her eyes

“Sudhu akta kotha mone rekho,amader jibone ai chokher jol er kono jayga nei”
(Just remember one thing these tears hv no place in our lives.)he said

And wipes her tears. She hugs him tightly

“Thank u…amar jibone ashar jonno…ami nijeke bhaggoboti monekori tomake peye” swara said while hugging

He broke the hug n Said “vo swara whatever I said to you I hv learnt that! I can’t understand what you s.a.i.d n.o.w” he makes an idiot face

“Oopps. sorry! I mean Thank-you for coming in my life m blessed to have you”she said

“I love you swara!”he said n again hugs her

Both were keep hugging eachother when dp said”sanskar! I think u should release the hug how”

Swasan part the hug n were highly embarrassed

“Now we should start the ceremony”ap said

Everyone took swara n make her sit

Ap took the keep of hena n was about to apply that on her hand when swara stopped her “mam! I want ma to apply me mehndi first”

Ap smiles n passed the keep to her.

“But how come Sharmishtha apply first mehndi to bride? She herself is a widow! Such auspicious occasions should be initiated by a widow” a lady said

“Ha beta kaki is right.. annu Bhabhi u apply mehndi”sumi said while controlling her tears

“Aunty! Mother is mother. N u all are saying that she is widow why cz my dad isn’t with us? Are u sure about this? “Swara said

“What r u saying swara Shekhar has died” dadi said

“No dadi ! Only dad’s body has died. He is still with me! With ma! He is in our hearts. In our memories n m sure at this point Also he must be seeing me , n must be very happy . Then how could you say that he is not with US?”swara said with tears

All gets tears listening to her.
Sanskar came forward n gave a hena keep to sumi.

Sumi smilingly applies mehndi on her hand. Now itz turn for sanskar.

“Come sanskar lemme apply mehndi to ur hand also”ap Said

“What! Me? “He asked in shock

“Don’t be shocked itz not first time”ap said

“But! U told me that you will apply mehndi after everyone’s departure”he murmurs

“Now! U hv proposed her Infront of all so u have to apply this Infront of all”dp said

“Okay fine” he said n sat beside swara

“Excuse me u r not supposed to sit here.. go n sit there”Trisha said

Sanskar pleads in gesture

“Bhai get up!! ” Laksh said

Sanskar gave him angry look n laksh hide behind ap

“Sanskar! Get up! I said”ap said strictly

Sanskar stood up n murmurs” huh! Atleast lemme sit beside her”

Everyone laughs at his cute tactics

To be continued…

Precap: ceremony continued n wedding day

Bengali credits: Eva, bisha, Chaitali n divyanshi ?

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