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Yeh dooriyan (Episode 27) (wedding)


Yeh dooriyan


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Recap : haldi ceremony. Swara kidnapped.


Swara was lying on floor with hands,and legs tied in rope.

“What u want from me. Leave me”swara said

“I don’t want anything from you.”masked person said

That masked person tied her mouth with a cloth . Swara struggles n hit the person from her tied hands n in this process the hood slips from its head releasing it’s long black hair. Which Clearly shows that the masked person is a girl.

Swara kicked her with tied legs. That masked girl becomes furious and slapped her hard.

“Don’t you! Otherwise next time I will kill you” she said and locked her n left.

Swara cried bitterly. She can’t understand why is this happening with her.

Time Was passing. With each passing moment sanskar’s heart was sinking. Here she was lying lifelessly and tears of helplessness were flowing from her eyes.

Soon the door opened and a guy of 25entered. He slowly untied swara’s mouth.

“Who are you?”she ask

“Sshhh! I will tell you everything but first you need to go out. Okay?”he said

“But there is security at the door. How come we go out?”she ask

“There isn’t any security outside.everyone is unconscious now “He said

“What!! But how!! ” She was in a shock.

“This time isn’t for ur question answer. Today is your wedding. Come” he said and helped her in getting up

“How you know this?”she ask

“Swara I said na I will tell you afterwards come soon”he said and took swara

Swara was confused. She can’t understand anything ,within some 5hours she got kidnapped and rescued.


“Who are you and why are you helping me? How u got to know about me?how u know my name?”she fire questions

“Swara relax! My name is swyam ! Swayam Shekhawat. I saw someone was taking you in uncouncious state n I found it fishey so I followed you and rescued you”he said and recalls what actually happened


Kaveri was crying bitterly due to swara’s words. She knows swara’s hatred was justified. She then saw a masked person taking swara in semi concious state . Kaveri followed them to a distance then she saw them moving in car. Kaveri was about to follow her but someone stopped her. he was swyam

“Ma where are you going? What happened ? why are you crying?” He ask

“Swyam vo swara my daughter someone is taking her!! She must be in danger.. it’s her wedding and”Kaveri panics

“Ma! Ma! Calm down! I will see if she is ur daughter she is my sister too. Nothing will happen to her.”swyam says

“Swyam don’t tell her who are you. Otherwise she won’t take ur help”Kaveri said

“Ma! Don’t worry”he said and left.

Swyam followed their car and saw some bouncers on gate. He immediately turn his car and bought some liquid anaesthesia. He came to the place where swara was kept and sprayed that on those bouncers and they fell unconscious.
He then went in n saw that masked girl slapping swara. as soon as that girl came out he sprayed that in her b she too fell unconscious and he rescued swara.


“BUT how u come to know about my wedding? N my name?”she frowned

“Umm.. voo.. ha.. look at ur hands. Full with mehndi and these two green bangles. It’s obvious u r a bride”he said

“Still u didn’t tell me how u know my name! N Wait how u know way to my home”she ask in shock

“Vo.. I head those kidnappers taking your name… And really! This is the way to ur home. I didn’t know that I was going towards my place. So tell me where u live” swyam sighs n covers

“Satya Niketan”she said

“Hmm..”swyam sighs n drove to her place

((Swyam Shekhawat played by shantanu maheshwari? . He is son of Mr Banerjee’s business partner. After their death Kaveri n Mr Banerjee became his guardian))


“Ma don’t worry I have already Called the commissioner, police is searching swara. I will find her”sanskar said

Shlok was loosing his temper as someone has kidnapped his sister that too from his home.

“Where is swara.”shlok ask while looking at swati

“Bhai?”swati looks at him in shock

“I said where is swara! I know you have kidnapped her. It’s impossible from an outsider to kidnap her from home” he roars

“Bhai trust me I didn’t do anything”swati cried

“Shlok don’t doubt swati”sumi said

“No. Ma shlok is right it’s impossible for any outsider to kidnap swara from home.”Sanskar said

“Sanskar please trust me. I didn’t do anything. Why would I kidnap swara. Mujhe Kya milega”she cries

“Swati m not doubting on you n saying logical thing. Otherwise how could she disappeared within half an hour”Sanskar said

“It’s possible na. She must have eloped”mouli said

Before anyone could say anything they heard a familiar but fainted voice

Everyone looked towards the gate and a smile appeared on their faces swara was standing there.


” Ma swara is fine.”swyam said

“Thank-you so much beta. If something would have happened to her. I must have died”Kaveri said

“But ma. M sure she is still in danger. I mean I heard that person taking n she said, she just want to separate swara from her family”he said

“I will do something. I was a gold digger, but now I have some responsibility towards Sharmishtha’s daughter”Kaveri said

Swyam smiles at her last sentence.


Swara ran n hugs sumi tightly.

“Swara what happened who took you. Tell me beta”sumi ask

” Swara how u come here?” Shlok ask

Swara explains about swyam nnall

“How they took you?”sanskar ask

Swara was blank she herself don’t know what happened with her. How she got kidnapped and how she got rescued it was so abrupt that even she can’t understand anything.

“Sharmishtha leave all this. Swara is fine it’s enough for us”dadi said in nervousness

“Hmm.. I agree. She is alive it’s enough”mouli said.

“Masi ma! Please”Sanskar said while controlling his anger

“Chalo chalo.. sanskar you go. U r not supposed to meet swara. Now go it’s already 6 u hv to come back at 8 na”Trisha controls the situation

Soon maheshwaris left and everyone got ready. Swara was still in shock. Whatever had happened to her wasn’t easy for her to digest.


Baraat has arrived. Sanskar was waiting impatiently for his bride. His swara.

Trisha and swati bring swara down. Sanskar looked at an angle descending the stairs. Her pure Beauty took his breath away.

Trisha made her sit with sanskar.

“U r looking beautiful”sanskar mumers

Swara blushes.

“Man! Don’t blush this much! I don’t wanna loose my control here” he said naughtily

Swara widens her eyes.. and roll them on him.

Suddenly someone hitted them playfully on head from behind. It was Trisha “focus on marriage guyz..”

Pandit starts the mantras . Now this time is fir ‘kanyadaan’

“Please call the mother and father of bride”the priest says

“Pandit ji! ‘Kanyadaan’ will be done by her Bhai n Bhabhi”sumi said

“No!! Bhai n Bhabhi can’t so this”swara resist

Everyone got shocked with this. Even shlok n Trisha were shocked

“What happened swara?”ragini ask

“Mam, vo I want ma to do my ‘kanyadaan’”she said

“Shona I can’t do ur kanyadaan beta. M widow. ‘Kanyadaan’ is to be done in pairs”sumi said

“Pandit ji there must be any way through which ma can do my ‘kanyadaan’ na.. please”she pleads.

“Hmm.. ur ma can do this with ur brother. If u have any”pandit says

Swara looks at Trisha and she forwarded shlok for the ritual along with sumi.

Sanskar looked at swara and squeeze her hand giving her a proud smile.

“Now get up for the seven vows”pandit said

((Ishq ki dhooni roz jalaaye
Uthta dhuaan toh kaise chhupaaye
Ho akhiyaan kare jee hazoori
Maange hai teri manzoori
Kajra siyaahi, din rang jaaye
Teri kastoori rain jagaaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Bas tera naam dohraaye
Man mast magan, man mast magan
Tera naam dohraaye))

The vows are completed. Everyone was smiling but swara has tears in her eyes tears of mixed feelings. Feeling of becoming his love’s forever and at the same time feeling of leaving her mother. Mother who has brought up her. Who has nurtured her.

“Make the bride this holy thread.ie. mangalsutra”priest said

As soon as sanskar took that from plate swara got shocked. It was the same mangalsutra which she liked but didn’t buy cz it was expensive.

He make her wear that and finally a pinch of vermilion and swara bose turned into swara maheshwari.

((Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah
Shehnaaiyon Ki Sada Keh Rahi Hai
Khushi Ki Mubaarak Ghadi Aa Gayi Hai
Saji Surkh Jodi Mein Chaand Si Dulhan
Zameen Pe Falak Se Pari Aa Gayi Hai
Aah Aah Aah, Aah Aah Aah Aah,))

Now the most complicated moment. Vidaai. This one word has power to change a girl’s world. Within a few hours a girl lost her initial identity, her initial family, her birth parents, her relations. She then got a new surname a new identity, new family, new relations, and new parents.

It was difficult for swara as well she can’t understand whether she should be happy or sad. Sometimes the sadness overcomes the happiness and vice versa.

((Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai ))

“Swara never forget ur morals. Never do anything which u think isn’t correct. Remember ur ma will always be with you”sumi said
Swara hugged her tightly and cried bitterly

((Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte
Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte
Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai ))

Now she turned towards shlok

“Princess if u ever need ur brother just call me and remember I will always be in ur support. If Sanskar trouble u just tell me”shlok said with tears

“Take care of ma”that’s all she can say

((Saat Pheron Se Bandha Janmon Ka Yeh Bandhan
Pyaar Se Joda Hai Rab Ne Preet Ka Daaman
Saat Pheron Se Bandha Janmon Ka Yeh Bandhan
Pyaar Se Joda Hai Rab Ne Preet Ka Daaman
Hain Nayi Rasmein, Nayi Kasmein, Nayi Uljhan
Honth Hai Khaamosh, Lekin Keh Rahi Dhadkan
Dhadkan Dhadkan, Dhadkan Dhadkan ))

She greets everyone for one last time. Trish took a plate filled with rice. Swara take those rice and threw them backwards. She was crying bitterly. Sanskar hold her from shoulders to support her in this delicate moment.

((Mushkil Ashkon Ko Chhupaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte
Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai ))

Sanskar was taking swara towards the car . She stopped and turned then ran directly into sumi’s embrace. Sanskar too has tears in his eyes. He know how much swara loves sumi. Sumi tried to part the hug but swara’s grip was firm.

Sanskar came back and stand beside swara. Sumi signals sanskar to take swara. He does same.

“Swara come let’s go.”he said in choking voice

“I don’t want to go. I want to live with ma forever. Sir please”she cried and fall on knees

Sanskar never thought it would be this much difficult for swara.

“Sanskar take her before I losse my control”sumi said while controlling her tears

Sanskar make her stand n starts to move towards the car

((Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul
Jaa Rahi Hoon Chhodke Teri Gali Babul
Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul
Main Teri Baahon Ke Jhule Mein Pali Babul
Jaa Rahi Hoon Chhodke Teri Gali Babul
Khoobsurat Yeh Zamaane Yaad Aayeenge
Chaahke Bhi Hum Tumhe Na Bhool Paayenge
Mushkil, Mushkil Daaman Ko Churaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Mushkil Daaman Ko Churaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai
Palbhar Mein Kaise Badalte Hain Rishte
Ab To Har Apna Begaana Lagta Hai
Dulhe Ka Sehra Suhaana Lagta Hai
Dulhan Ka To Dil Deewana Lagta Hai ))

He make her sit in car. As soon as he sat there. She burst out crying. Her condition was pathetic. Sanskar can’t do anything . He just took her in his embrace and let her cry..

“Mera Bachha stop crying”he said and tightens his grip

“Sir ma! I can’t live without her”swara said while sobbing

Soon they reached MM. Swara’s kajal was smudged now she was looking all dull with puffy read eyes. She was just sobbing, she wasn’t even in the condition of doing any post marriage ritual. But the ghrahpravesh was must.

“Swara beta now kick this Kalash and enter the house”ap said

Swara was just following her blankly, but sanskar stood by her every moment.

Finally the rituals get completed but swara was still shedding tears.

“Sanskar take swara to the room. She has cried alot”dp said

Sanskar nods n took swara in his room. The room was fully decorated for their first night. Sanskar make swara sit on chair and removes her jewelry, he then took her bag and take out a pair of salwar kameez and gave that to her.

“Go and change”he said

She left and came back after changing. he too changed his dress and went downstairs to bring water. When he came back he got shocked to see swara holding her head tightly and crying “aahhh!!! Maa!!”

“Oh shoot! She has cried alot that’s why her head is paining.. “he thought n immediately took her medicines out and make her have that.

“Swara ! Try to sleep. You will feel better” he said and makes her lye N covers her

He closes her eyes with his hand but still tears didn’t stop brimming from her eyes. He half lye beside her n pat her head slightly inorder to make her sleep and finally she fall asleep.

“Mera pyara sa Bachha. I never thought It would be this much difficult for you. I can’t imagine the pain through which a girl goes after wedding, but I promise I will be with you forever. I will find out who has kidnapped you n most importantly why. Who was that swyam?why he helped you? Too many questions but now I will be your shield. Every problem must face me first”he thought with determination

To be continued…

Precap: swara missing sumi

Ahh! Emotions overloaded!!!??

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