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Would you like to see Kratika in Colors’ Kasam again?

Colors’ Kasam has seen many changes after the leap. Viewers got to see Rishi romancing the new Tanu. Rishi finds out about Tanuja, but does not meet her. Destiny has broke Rishi and Tanu apart, and after so many years, the destiny has brought Rishi face to face with Tanuja again. Rishi’s loss of belief on Mata Rani is still the same. Rishi misses Tanu from the bottom of his heart. He is passing each day with Tanu’s memories. Tanuja’s meets with an accident by Rishi’s car, when the driver unknowingly hits her. Rishi becomes Tanuja’s caretaker, unknown to the fact that she is actually Tanu.

Kasam was always a reincarnation story. The story of Rishi and Tanu’s love took viewers on a wonderful ride. With Tanu’s expected demise, the story seems to lose charm. Ssharad Malhotra and Kratika Sengar’s chemistry was much appreciated by the viewers. They wanted to see more of their romance. But, as per the story line, Kratika left from the show. Shivani Tomar stepped in to play Tanuja’s role. Tanu’s reincarnation and love revival track are interesting to watch. But, Ssharad and Shivani’s chemistry could not create that spark. The show is losing the viewership by post leap track. It is rumored that Kratika may join the show once again. Her entry may occur as flashback moments or a new character. Would you like to see Kratika in Colors’ Kasam again? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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