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Would you like love story redefining in Kumkum Bhagya?

Zee Tv’s Kumkum Bhagya is much famous for the lead characters Abhi and Pragya. Their sweet nothings and slow romantic moments are very much loved by the viewers. Abhi and Pragya’s intense and silent love speaks volumes for the show, and that’s what happening since the show started. The couple did not unite well till now.

They meet, they clear misunderstandings, get new troubles, unite and get separated. Such is the concept of the show, that lovers are never allowed to unite. The viewers may love this story line or just dislike finding show dragging. The show is managing to be one of the top shows on Indian Television. All the credit goes to the lead actors’ chemistry which grabbed viewers’ interest.


Viewers got used to see Abhi-Pragya in trouble. They still love them and want to see more show of the couple. Any track running in the show is regarded good by Abhi-Pragya fans. The show is now moving towards a memory loss track, where Abhi will be meeting with an accident while saving Pragya. Tanu and Nikhil would be responsible for this. Abhi would lose his hope to live, but fortunately survive. Pragya needs to start from scratch and redefine her love for Abhi. Abhi-Pragya’s love story will be starting afresh now. The track seems good to see focus on the leads again, but viewers may feel its repeated and dragging the show more. Let us know whether this love redefining track raises or ends your interest in the show.

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