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Would have watch Jamai Raja without Nia Sharma?

Zee Tv’s Jamai Raja is gearing up for Season 2. The show’s lead characters Siddharth/Sid and Roshni would be dying towards the end of Season 1. While viewers have seen Sid and Roshni getting blessed with a son Karan, and celebrate happiness, there is much more packed in Season 2. Actress Nia Sharma would be quitting the show because of the script change. Nia’s character will be ending, and that would make place for a new lead in the show. Ravi Dubey who plays Sid, will be continuing his stint in his new character of Sid’s son Karan post leap.

Season 2 will bring Ravi Dubey romancing Shiny Doshi as his female lead. Shiny Doshi was last seen in Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant in grey shade. Shiny played the lead role in Zee tv’s Sarojini. Post leap, Sid’s son will be seen brought up in a poor family, but dream to get a girl from rich and influential family. He would also dream to become a Jamai Raja, just like Sid. Sid’s son will be Sid’s shadow totally. He would have Sid’s looks and attitude, but just the situation will change in Season 2. Ravi Dubey will be seen in his all new avatar. Would have watch Jamai Raja without Nia Sharma? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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