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Why did you left me (Edkv) intro and promo

hello guys I’m writing a ff finally and the os will take time bcs I’m still fixing it?
guys piliz intro me de nai sakti mujhe boht nind a rahi he….so all characters are the same
and yeah plss note it IT IS BASED ON A REAL STORY ( are don’t get me wrng it’s real story bt nt mine, I red a short letter which described a lot about the story and the short letter ws published on newspaper….)

promo:(Shravan’s Pov) even today I want to walk on ur path…you know why bcs you lived in my evry thought. Even now… it ws u who taught me to walk on the path of love..even that day wen u heard about me being sick u cried whole night, then why did u left me today being egoistic, by hurting me. Pls come back to me….
guys I just translated the letter so plss forgive me if there is any mistake and if it is fimilar to anybody’s story or if anyone didn’t like it plsss let me know, I will not continue
os will come after repairing??…
if new character cms then I’ll introduced them later..

sry if there is an typing mistake….
I’m very sleepy, oh no it’s too late, I’ve school tmr
bye bye guys, sweet dreams…oh wat am I saying it will post at the day, good by
luv u all so much that can’t be expressed – Neeti

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