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the episode starts with,

ranveer and ishaani leaving the room and coming outside in hand in hand.
once they came out of there they got into the car and ranveer asked: so ishaani where shall we go???


ishaani: first we will spend some time in the beach in the fresh air then we will go for lunch then at night we will go clubbing);…..what do u say??
ranveer : everything’s fine but clubbing???
ishaani: what’s wrong with clubbing ranveer???
ranveer: i dont like clubbing…
ishaani: ranveer i also don’t like clubbing early days but once my friends took me for clubbing from there onwards i love clubbing and disco also………..its enjoyable……….
ranveer: but ishaani…………….
ishaani: k then ranveer come with me only today if u like then come with me or dont k???
ranveer: hmmmm
saying this he drived to the beach……

********************in the beach*******************

ranveer and ishaani are seen walking along the sea shore where the waves come and hit their legs……..
ishaani: so ranveer how did u fall in love with me???
ranveer: the first time i met u was in your dance class. when i came to drop my sis parul there as her scooty was puntured. then when i saw u i was wondering who’s that angel i see over there??? i didnt even know y i was behaving so different. but then onwards i always drop parul in her classes. then the day i knew i fell in love was when i saw u in the coffee shop. i felt myself think about u day and night. even in my dreams i only dreamt about u!!!!!
but what about u ishaani???

ishaani: i just met u once that also when i came to itc maurya where i came there to have dinner and have fun with friends but i saw where u were with your american clients. i dont know what happened to myself but i kept on thinking about u whatever i do i think about u even when i write something i write your name instead. i felt like some love blossomed into me and at times i see them in your eyes but never tell to u either.

saying this she slowly pulled ranveer’s hand who was mesmerized with the love between them and pushed him into the sea. where he was wet then suddenly he came out of the sea and pushed her back into the sea and ishaani who got that he is gonna push her into the sea she pulled him with her where both fell on the sea where ranveer was on top of ishaani. they shared an eyelock.
and ishaani getting that everyone’s looking at them just pushed ranveer off her and got up where ranveer getting y ishaani did like this and got up. and they got back into the car . the car was so silent.

where ishaani broke up the silence and said: ranveer drop me home as we cant go anywhere like this so…..
ranveer: k i will.

then in 15 minutes ranveer dropped her home and ishaani waved bye to ranveer and he waved bye to her .
ishaani then entered her home and when to her room where she entered the washroom and when she saw the water she started to blush thinking of what happened a while a go in the beach.

and ranveer who was driving the car also started to smile thinking of what happened a while ago…………

screen freezes in the blushing face of ishaani and the smiling face of ranveer…………..

and about the precap.

sorry for not giving it as if i give one i will write something else as i get different ideas so……………

and thank u everyone for your support………..

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