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happy independence day everyone!!!!!!!
and sorry for the late epi!!!!!

a boy is shown dancing with a girl alone in a room.
boy: ishaani i wanna say u something……yes the girl is non other than our cute ishaani
girl: ya ranveer tell me…………………and yes this is our hot ranveer……
ranveer: ishaani i……..
ishaani: what
ranveer: ishaani i love u from the first day i saw u……………
hearing this ishaani stopped dancing and she moved back. suddenly she gave a slap to ranveer where he was left shocked.
that was the moment where another girl was entering the room but stopped hearing the conversation.
ishaani: y did u get so long to tell me this??? whenever u call me or whenever u say shall we meet up i only wait for u to tell this….
say this she hugged him tightly where both of them had happy tears.
where seeing this the girl who is ritika who also came here to propose ranveer thought : i will forget my love and continue my friendship with rv for my friends happiness and ranveer’s happiness and she she left the place.


*********inside the room*********

ranveer coming out of the hug without saying anything he started to wipe ishaani’s tears ishaani did the same to him. then he started to caress her face and said: comeon i am sorry for the late proposal but now comeon we will enjoy and tell our families about our love……………….

the screen freezes in the happy faces of the duo

very sorry for the late update, sorry for the short epi and ya sorry for the precap. as i thought of starting with their blossoming of love but the intro will remain same and once more sorry for the late update and how r u’ll???

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