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Whispering Hearts chapter 7

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?. HEARTLESS SANSKAR HELPLESS SWARA….. Will post tomorrow ????
Recap: rags asks forgiveness from laksh in her style..he forgave her..sanskar tried to gain swara’s freindship..but he failed.sanskar reach sumi house..swasan unexpected encounter..

Episode 7
Sanskar closed swara’s mouth by his one hand and hold her from moving by other hand before she shouts.Swara tried to move from his hold ,in this attempt both fall on bed.


Sanskar on top of swara..
Sanskar is still closing her mouth.

Sans: i don’t understand
Swara sign,his hand on her mouth..sanskar asked her not to scream and remove his hand..

Swara(breath heavily):uuuu..idiot..(little louder voice)
Sanskar closed her mouth again..
Sanskar: Cheating …u promised u won’t shout..but u r shouting…
First listen .. i am your new neighbour(swara’s eyes get widen) I came to your house to give sweets..
I mistakenly entered into room,to clean coffee stain in my shirt..
R u clear(swara looks at him angrily)

Still they are in the same position..sanskar is on top of her..

Swara starts to struggle now… Now sanskar understood their position and got up..

Swara : how dare u???just get out..
Sanskar is not in the mood to listen her scoldings..because she is standing infront of him with wet hair..fresh face..especially only towel around her body..And to the highlight he noticed a mole on right side of chest,which is clearly visible and staring that continously..
Not getting any reply from him..swara wave her hand infront of him…

Sanskar:(came to his sense)..Thank you..(like she is praising him.she is scolding him badly)..
Swara: huh..now get out..

Sanskar was still couldn’t take of his eyes..
But he started to move towards room and unlock it…but before going ..he turned and said

Sans: that mole is looking nice for you ..and this costume..

Before swara starts he ran to next corner of room to use washroom..

Here ,swara is shocked to see herself in mirror..bcz in the mission of scolding him,she forgot she is wearing only towel..
And she remember him saying mole …and look at herself and noticed the big mole on her right side of chest..she scolded herself..and angry on him…

Swara: wait Mr.ACP…I make sure,u will ran from your new house..and smirks..

In hall..
Sanskar after refreshing sitting in hall..
Sumi: beta coffee..
Sans: thanks aunty..

And drank coffee hurrily before swara came then greet sumi and leave from there..
Next day

In pune,after completing their respective works,raglak started to move towards mumbai in their own way..
In Mumbai..

Time 11.30pm..

Sanskar’s house:

Sans and Adi are reading some files regarding the case…light goes off suddenly..
Sanskar decide to search candle and get up from his place (uses mobile light for seeing)..
But also notice power cut is only in his house…so he decided to check meter box but stopped in middle hearing some weird sound like a girl sobbing..
That too the sound arrive from hall…

Adi: bhai..what is this sound?
Sans: let me check..u stay here.
By hearing this Adi gets panic..
Adi: No bhai..u will get afraid.. I come with u..

They startled to move towards hall (but little panic)… There Adi saw a girl sitting in the corner by folding her knees,covering her face with open hair and sobbing..
Adi: bhaiiiiiiiiiiiii and faint..????
Sans: hold him and turns to the corner but there is nothing..
Sans: get up Adi…O god…??

Then he went to get water from kitchen…there is no power ..so he get water in glass from jug and ran to adi..then he sprinkle the water on his face..

Adi:(while crying)Bhai!!! where am I??Did that booth killed both of us bhai…

Sans: shut up Adi..u are alive…
And stop this booth puran..there is nothing like that..

Suddenly power comes..now there is light in hall..
San and adi screamed at a time..
Sans: (by seeing adi face)blood….
Adi: By seeing wall in hall..(hand mark in red..)bhaaiiiii blood..
Sans see that and get shock and he notice glass which contains water in red colour.
He ran to kitchen and see the water in jug is normal.

San and adi are shocked..but sanskar gets doubt.?

In swara’s house,swara is laughing by imagining their conditions…??????
She remembers how she used hologram technology for that girl sobbing scene(it is rags idea to get evidence for case).
And how she changed the jug and imprinting hand marks wearing cloves..
Swara : I promise Mr.ACP you will run away from here..(with determine and smirking face?)

At 4.00 am
Rags reached her house.. But thought to surprise her sister..so she covered herself by blanket and jump into sumi house..(ie inside garden).

Laksh who came at that time to his house..shocked to see someone enter into his sumi ma house.
Laksh silently move forward and jump into garden in this process he broke a pot
Rag see this
By hearing sound ,sumi came out of the house.
Sumi: who is this??
She was about to see laksh but rags dragged him to corner
Sumi: ?(she search here and there)I think it is some cat?
And went inside

In garden:
Laksh:what r u doing here?
Rag:I should ask this question
This is my house
Laksh : watttt?
Rag: yes
Laksh: what’s ur name?
Rag: Ragini singhaniya

Laksh get confused?…then he said he saw a blanket man enter here..so he came here to capture him
Rag:?I am that blanket man(laksh shocked?)
To surprise my sister,I came like this
Laksh is still confused that who she is..calling his mom and sister as hers

Rag:But how u r.. here
Laksh: I am your new neighbour

Rag:?wow…ok..now u leave from here before someone see u
Laksh left with confusion?
Rags enter inside through normal way.. Bcz her teacher mom is awake now

Why swara is doing this?
Will sanskar caught her?
What will happen between raglak?
Lets see

Precab:sanskar gets shocked to see something
Rags introduce laksh to swara

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