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“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” chappy 9!

Hey friends how are you all? I hope all are doing well  Well I am good as always  And back with another Chappy of this FF with the summary of the past 8 chapters…My Reader Ria wanted the summary as she was new to this FF so I will be giving a detailed summary so that you all can catch up with the story and I will also be providing the links of all the chapters at the end of the update 

Summary of Chapter 1 till 8
The story opens with college lovers Siddhant(20 years old) and Jasmin (18 years old) who are new to the world of Love. Jasmin was suffering from a minor disease (Not revealed yet) for which Siddhant was concerned. It is late revealed that Siddhant and Jasmin are in a live-in-relationship, Siddhant didn’t want to leave Jasmin alone because of her health but he reluctantly complies when Jasmin asks him to do so. Siddhant gets a phone call and is shocked upon hearing something (That also not revealed) That day was Siddhant’s birthday so Jasmin thought to wish him personally. She reaches his home and much to her shock she finds Siddhant with another girl, Archana (Dr.Pallavi in actual serial) in an intimate position. A broken Jasmin confronts Siddhant and leaves Mumbai…..
The story takes a 8 years leap showing Jasmin living in Amritsar with the identity of Twinkle Taneja, she found a new family in Amritsar, a mother, Leela, a father, RT whom she refers Bade papa and a cute little sister Mahi, the family thinks that Twinkle is Jasmin’s real name when it is not, and Jasmin feels guilty of lying to them! There back in Mumbai Siddhant is now a well known actor, but he is married to Archana, but Siddhant hates Archana, and they don’t live as husband wife whereas Archana tries her level best to win Siddhant!
It is Mahi’s convocation day where a famous personality will be the chief-guest which turns out to be Siddhant! After 8 years Jasmin catches the glimpse of Siddhant, her past rewinds and she gets flashes of that miserable incident, she leaves the auditorium and runs on the road and breaks down! All of a sudden a car hits her and the car turns out to be Yuvraaj Luthra’s, Kunj’s best buddy!
Jasmin recovers the accident, and is safely taken back home. Mahi surprises Jasmin by informing her that she signed for an audition of a serial via her friend who is a producer and she has to give an audition for which Jasmin reluctantly complies! It is later revealed that the show for which Jasmin is giving the audition is the same show which has been casted Siddhant opposite Jasmin! Both Siddhant and Jasmin are shocked to come across each other after 8 years.
Siddhant breaks down and it is revealed that there was a reason behind cheating Jasmin which is unrevealed! A shattered Siddhant reaches back where Archana tries to seduce him by spiking his drink and making him loose his consciousness, but at the nick of time Yuvraaj indirectly saves Siddhant!
A shocked Jasmin reaches back home and blurts the reality of her being Jasmin Bhasin not Twinkle Taneja…Mahi supports Twinkle and urges her to prove Sid that he did wrong by playing with her feelings! After much courage Jasmin changes her avatar and attitude to a spoiled and arrogant Twinkle Taneja to prove herself. Eventually the character she was portraying was also named Twinkle but the surname was different TWINKLE LINGWAL……..


Chappy 9…..
Kahani 8 saal baad! (Story after 8 years!)
Jasmin’s POV
It has been about a year since I am shooting for Tashan-e-Ishq and the over-whelming response the show has received is really remarkable, the viewers are loving the couple Twinj and within a year’s run we have reached heights! But…………….This journey was not easy, Siddhant tried many times to prove that I am Jasmin not Twinkle but by god’s blessing he never succeeded! Today is the last day of shoot and I may never forget it…I guess this scene will be the most difficult one….But I will do it 
The lights were dimmed, all was in darkness, the darkness started to end when a few candles lightened up…The place was decorated with candles and rose petals, there were our Twinj standing in a heart made out of roses…
Kunj (Siddhant): Twinke…We married 1 year back…I know our marriage was not a usual one, but an exceptional one after all it was the marriage of Sadu Sarna and Siyappa Queen…Our Tashan-e-shaadi was the best phase of my life! But today I want to give a new name to our relationship the name if ISHQ..I want to change our relationship to TASHAN-E-SHAADI to TASHAN-E-ISHQ! I know I have hurt you a lot, and also judged you but I just want to say one thing that since the day I met you I found you different from all the girls..A different attraction was grabbing my attention towards you that time I didn’t realize but yes today I can say this without any doubt that I love you! Yes I love you…I love you to eternity, may be the world would end but my love for you will never change! I promise that I will never let a single tear escape your eyes! That is my promise to my SIYAPPA QUEEN! I love you!
Jasmin/Twinkle’s eyes well up with tears of joy and without any second thought she hugged him tightly…That bone-crushing hug had importance both in the life of Twinj (Serial FF) and Sidmin(reality FF) Both the souls were enjoying this moment…Sajna ve plays…
The serenity of the scene broke with the voice : CUT!!
The 2 came back to senses all were clapping for them…
Director: Very well done! Although that hug part was not added in the script but it added more essence to the scene! PACK UP!!!!
Jasmin came to her vanity…she sat and thought…
Jasmin’s POV
Why I hugged him? Why on earth I hugged a person who ruined my life, whom I hate the most? Why I was not able to control over myself, why I didn’t resist myself from doing so? WHY??
Just then there was a knock on the door disturbing my thoughts, I opened it and much to my surprise it was Siddhant!
“May I come in?”
“If I say NO, then?”
“Then also I will come in”
And he came in…
“So what? What the hell are you doing in my vanity? Just leave if there is nothing important!”
“Well there is something important!”
I knew that he will again start over with JASMIN…U ARE JASMIN…U AREN’T TWINKLE etc. etc. etc.
“So please say whatever you want to and leave!”
“You know what why I loved Jasmin because of her honesty whatever she used to do she never lied but you proved that you aren’t the person whom I used to love! Thanks a lot for your company during the whole year’s span! BYE FOREVER!!!”
And he left FOREVER…For the first time after that incident I found the love and trust which he had for Jasmin…Anyways it must be his new drama after all he is a born actor! I brushed off my thoughts and moved ahead when I tripped, “Ouch!”
I found a diary there…OH it was his diary…Oh Gish he left his diary here!
I thought of opening the diary but then thought that bad manners, but still my naughty mind asked me to open and I did so…My jaw dropped when I read the lines “I LOVE U JASMIN!!!!!!!!!!”
Precap: Last chappy…
Thanks for the love and support you have showered upon me throughout and I am honored  Last chappy will be a grand one and all the revelations will take place…The next one will be posted on Friday probably ? If I had any silent reader all this while please leave your comment at least on the last updates! I love you all! Keep smiling  Always 

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