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“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” chappy 8!

Hey friends! How are you all? I hope all are doing well! Well I am good…And back with the next update of the FF, “When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry _ Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!” which is based on our couple Sidmin (Siddhant Gupta and Jasmin Bhasin) also known as Twinj (Twinkle and Kunj from Tashan-e-ishq) Well the story will now be a bit different but in my style! So just enjoy as this is the 8th chappy and then the next 2 will be the ending  Well I never thought that I will be going that far but thanks for the love and support u guys have showered upon me  So just keep reading to find out more about the story Well previously I posted a promo and told you guys about the delay in posting, well I will be posting this FF of mine twice a week, on Fridays and Tuesdays. As I was not able to post yesterday due to the hectic schedule I am posting a long update today as compensation  Well I have noticed some of my readers aren’t commenting, Mona di…Ishu…Shattu di…Yashu…Aamu di? Where are you guys? I hope you guys are reading my FF  Well now without wasting more time let’s catch up with the story 
Kahani 8 saal baad! (Story after 8 years!)
Next day….
@6:38 in the morning
Jasmin is seen sitting in her room on the couch, while the room is doomed in darkness, but few rays of sunlight fall upon the innocent glory, who is sitting dull with her diary;
Life is just so un-predictable, you know about the past but you can never change it, you can change the future but you don’t know what’s written tomorrow, hardship is life, but you need a reason to live but I can’t live as Jasmin Bhasin but I may live as Twinkle Taneja!
Mahi was right what that person did with me can’t make me weak as I was not wrong I will prove him that what I am…Till date he has seen my love now he will see the new avatar of mine TWINKLE TANEJA!! Well I LOVE SOMEONE I LOVE SELF-LESSLY…BUT WHEN I HATE SOMEONE I HATE SELFISHLY!”
She closes the diary, she looks at her mobile phone, and reads a message which says, “Congratulations! You are selected for our female protagonist in our show TASHAN E ISHQ! Well your character’s name which you are going to portray is also Twinkle! The shoot will be starting from tomorrow, you have to reach @7 in morning and complete some formalities. Wishing you a bright future ahead!
Best regards,
Team Tashan-e-ishq!”
She moves her fingers over the screen and with much courage walks to her wardrobe and takes out a black and white striped shirt with a long royal blue skirt, she walks in the bathroom to change, and later walks out in full glamorous style, she looks in the mirror with full attitude, applies a light pink lip-gloss to her bubbly lips, put on star studs on her soft ears, and lets out her hair open, giving a more beautiful look to herself. She looks at the mirror and says, “Meet ME Ms.Twinkle Taneja” with full tashan! She puts on her sun-glasses and walks in full tashan

Jasmin reaches the studio, with full attitude on her face, and she takes off her sunglasses!
Spot boy: Good morning Mam!
Jasmin sits on the chair!
Jasmin: Good morning (She says with full attitude!)
Spot boy: Mam your vanity is straight right from here!
Jasmin: Thanks but no thanks! (She says with ignorance yet arrogance!)
Spot boy gets quiet, Jasmin stands up and says: Send a glass of fresh orange juice!
The spot boy nods, and Jasmin walks to her vanity!
She reaches to her vanity and throws her bag on a bench nearby, and sits down and sighs…
Jasmin: Phew! Thanks Babaji everything went well but I don’t know how to face Siddhant! I am so afraid!
Just then she receives a call and the name “Sweetheart!” flashes on the screen, Jasmin smiles and picks the call!
Jasmin: Hey Sweetie! How are you! I am so sorry I left without meeting you! You were sleeping that time!
Other side it is revealed that the caller is none other than Mahi!
Mahi: Oho di, leave it! So how is everything?
Jasmin: All is well but…
Mahi: But what? Did you meet that Beast?
Jasmin: You mean Siddhant?
Mahi: Yeah, yeah whatever his name is…Did you meet him?
Jasmin: Not yet! But I don’t know how to face him! Life has changed a lot in these 8 years everything is not that easy! I am so afraid!
Mahi: Jas di…stop being weak you have to be strong you have to show that beast that what mistake he did by breaking your heart! You have to show what you are and what you can do!
Jasmin: But this not at all easy!
Mahi: Stop it di! By saying this you are making things more difficult! Just be positive!
Jasmin: How can I be, B +ve when my blood group is AB –ve ?
Mahi: Di you are just impossible!
Jasmin: Is it so? (With naughtiness)
Mahi: Leave it Di! Get ready you have a big storm to face  Take care!
Jasmin: You 2 take care of yourself and everyone back at home!
Mahi: Okay bye!
Jasmin: Bye!
She disconnects the call…The very moment there is a knock on the door!
Jasmin: Yes!


Make-up artist enters!
Jasmin: Yes, what’s the problem? (With an ugly face)
Make-up artist: Hello Madam! I am your make-up artist  My name is Sree! This is your costume sent by the PH (Production House) wear it and get ready!
She says handing over a white and yellow Patiala suit to Jasmin!
Jasmin: Excuse me? Who are you to order me? I know what to do and what not! So stay in your limits! Well I ordered a juice it is not yet here!
The very moment Siddhant enters, he is in a grey T-Shirt over it a black shirt with blue denims looking so adorable!
Jasmin is surprised to see him and her bolti is band ? What to do magic of love ? Anyways…
Siddhant: Excuse me!
Jasmin comes out of her imaginary world!
Jasmin: Yes!
Siddhant: You go! (referring to Sree/make-up artsit!)
Sree: Yes sir!
And she leaves now our Sidmin are all alone Bas itni si tamana hai plays….
Jasmin: Yes???
Siddhant: What is wrong with you?
Jasmin: Excuse me?
Siddhant: Why are you faking to be Twinkle when I know you are Jasmin Bhasin!
Jasmin: Oh hello? Wait a minute, do I know you! (She laughs after a second) Oh silly me! Well the whole nation knows you! Anyways I am Twinkle Taneja and portraying the role of Twinkle Lingwal here as your parallel lead!
Siddhant: Stop faking!
Jasmin: What rubbish! Don’t you get I am TWINKLE TANEJA not your so called JASMIN BHASIN!! Understood! Anyways I don’t have time for your silly talks I have a lot of work so excuse me!
And she starts moving when Siddhant pulls her towards him, there is a distance of inches between them…He pins her to the wall and comes close to her she gets nervous and thinks, “Oh my god! Babaji what is he trying to do! Please do something Babaji!” She closes her eyes due to fear and trepidation!
Siddhant comes close to her and says: Don’t you remember me?
Jasmin with her eyes close: n…n…no! Who are you!
Siddhant: Have you forgotten your buddy Sid?
Jasmin: I…I don’t know what y…you are talking about!
Siddhant holds her hand tightly and nears her lips: Doesn’t my touch close to your heart!
Jasmin pushes Siddhant with a jerk: Are you out of your mind Mr.Gupta! I am making things clear with you! We are colleagues and there should be a distance between us! There are limits of everything and sorry to say you are crossing your limits! I have tolerated this time but next time I will take strict actions against you!
She leaves taking her costume! During all this conversation Siddhant notices Jasmin’s ring which she ws wearing and thinks, “The ring…It is the same ring which I gifted to Jasmin 8 years back! Yes I was right she is my Jas! Oh God I can’t believe my Jasmin! After 8 years! Thank you God!” But suddenly Archana flashes in his mind and he continues, “But that Bl**dy bit*h!!”
Chappy ends on Siddhant…..

Precap: Siddhant and Twinkle are standing in front of each other while roses are falling upon them! Siddhant says, “I have hurt you a lot but from now I promise I will not let a single tear escape from your eyes! That is my promise! I love you!” Jasmin eyes him intensely, she is touched by his act, her eyes are welled up with tears of happiness! She was not able to control on her emotions and hugs Sidhant tightly, yes that hug was a bone crushing one  Sajna ve……………..

So the update ends here…I am sorry if you didn’t like Twinkle’s role in this avatar and attitude but it was needed for the storyline to proceed!
Please leave your views in the comment box below! I tried reaching up to your expectations but if not then please forgive me, I know I am not that good of a writer but if you find a single word worth reading so please leave a single word as a comment…That will definitely make my day 
Anyways Keep smiling  Always!

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