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when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi24 ~ pavani LAST EPISODE

Hiii darlings tnk u for ur love and support nd sorry for not replying in previous epi nd really sorry for the delay nd enjoy this last episode

Sanky was having mixed emotions he is happy ,sad,confused ..
He went near to rag nd cuped her face
Sanky:do u really think I will take laksh place in ur life
Rag closed her eyes nd cried
Sanky:if I want also I can never do that .I just can’t imagine me in laksh place .
Rag looks at him surprisingly
Sanky:I know u have a special place for laksh in ur heart I don’t want his place I just want ur love that’s it.I can never compare me with him he is different an ideal guy which every girl dreams for but iam a selfish man I don’t know how to live a life but u changed me u tought me how to live happily nd I learned to love from u only I don’t want any thing just ur love .I love u ragini I loved u as u r I loved u by seeing ur love for laksh .I…. I….
Rag closed his mouth with her hand nd signed him no by moving her head
She immediately hugged him
Rag:iam sorry I didn’t recognized ur love till now


Sanky hugged her more tightly
After half an hour
They heared a door knock
Ragsan releases the hug
Rag:iam sorry
She is avoiding eye contact with him
Sanky:sorry???y r u saying sorry?
Rag:voo I…she is avoiding eye contact with him
Sanky hold her chin nd made her look towards him
Sanky:I don’t think we have done any mistake nd love is not a crime
Rag blushed nd hugged him again
Janaki again knocked the door
Sanky (shouted):maa y r u disturbing us do u want tospoil our romance now???
Rag was shocked for his confession nd closed his mouth
Janaki from out side :ohh sorry I was just worried about rag how can I know that every thing was ok between u both ok u people carry on iam leaving
She left
Rag:what r u doing??
Sanky(innocently):what wrong I did?
Rag:u r such a shame less how can u tell like that to maa?
Sanky:common I just told the truth
Rag:truth…. (angrily):now get lost from hear I want to sleep
Rag trowed him out nd closed the door
She ran nd opened the cupboard nd took laksh photo nd hugged it tightly
Rag:tnk u for sending Sanky in my life .u know that my life will be incomplete without u so u made Sanky alive to make my life complete

Days passed every one decided to make ragsan marriage as rag want a simple marriage thy have done a regester marriage
Every one used to say that rag was lucky to get Sanky altough it was her second marriage it disturbes her always but every time Sanky supports her by saying that he was lucky to have rag in his life

Days passed their bond became strong both understand each other very well nd they were blessed with a cute boy

It was the naming ceremony
Rag was dull
Pandit:ok write the mame on this which u want to keep nd tell that in his ears
Sanky wispered in boys ears nd wrote a name
Rag(in mind):he atleast didn’t asked me for what name I want to keep
Pandit :now tell that name to e every one
Rag was shocked
(Rag was dull as she want to keep laksh name to her son but was in a dilama that wt will sanky think nd she was expecting sanky to ask her opinion )
Rag eyes were filled with tears nd looked at Sanky who was busy in pooja
Pooja completed successfully every one left
Rag was bringing milk for laksh nd when she reached her room she saw Sanky playing with laksh
Rag becomes emotional nd hugged Sanky from back
Sanky turned to her nd saw tears in her eyes
Sanky(concerned):what happened?
Rag:I love u Sanskar…
Sanky was very happy
Sanky hugged her
Rag:y u love me that much
Sanky:don’t know how much I love u but just love u
Rag:till now I really feel bad when people say iam lucky to have u I was insecure that u have been giving much preority but today I realised that I am really lucky to have u nd from now iam proud to tell that yes ism lucky to have u.iam not feeling insecure now as I know how mich u loves mee

Sanky:iam not that great ok now don’t become emotional nd make me cry
He wiped her tears nd gave a peek on her forehead
Sanky:when we both are equal then where is the priority comes btwn us .we are lucky to have eachother

Rag hugged him tightly
Laksh started crying
Sanky:ohh hoo till now my mom’s used to disturb my romance from today u also started
Rag laughed
Rag:shut up Sanky
Sanky:what ??u can romance infrount of ur son but I can’t tell him that he is disturbing us
Rag smiled at him nd feed the milk she bought for laksh
Nd laksh slept
Nd when she saw Sanky also slept beside Laksh rag smiled by seeing them together

They have many up nd downs nd they faced them happily nd enjoyed every moment of their life
The end
I know its boaring but sorry
Be happy nd enjoy every moment of ur life even it is good or bad just enjoy that moment nd be happy with what u have
Tnk u very much for ur love and support all these days love u all nd will miss u all my dear beautiful roses

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