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when I fall in love (ragsan nd raglak) epi20 ~ pavani

Hiiii darlings Tnk u very much for ur love and support.actually my concept was to end this in my last update but there were many ragsan fans are waiting for their scenes so Iam trying to extend it I really don’t know wt I will write hope u will enjoy nd I will try my best to entertain u

Sanky left from there nd Janaki heared it nd a drop of tear escaped from her eyes
(Happy tears)


In hall rag avoided eye contact with Sanky
Janaki:iam very happy that u came plzz
Sanky if possible plz visit us regularly

Sanky looked at rag
Sanky:y not if u say me to goo also I will not goo

Janaki observed this nd smiled
Janaki:no one will tell u to goo u are such a lovely person
Sanky smiled

next day
Sanky got a call from someone
He told them he will meat at 5o clock

Sanky sat on a bench nd someone called him nd the person is Janaki

Sanky smiled
Sanky:y u called mee maa
Janaki:I should talk u about RAg
Sanky was shocked
Janaki:yaa do u really love her??
Sanky was double shocked
Sanky:wt r u saying maa??
Janaki:don’t act I know u love her I too want her happiness only.
Sanky was numb he just don’t know wt to say .
Janaki kept her hand on his face
Janaki:don’t worry she will understand ur feelings
Sanky:but she still loves only laksh maa iam not like him iam totally different

Janaki smiled
Janaki:u r not like him but u have some other good qualities
Sanky:tnk u maa
Janaki:she is very lucky to have a person who loves her
Sanky:iam lucky to have her in my life maa she changed mee
They both hugged each other
Janaki:k I will leave
Sanky:I will drop u maa
Janaki:this is really for mee or to see ur darling
Sanky:ofcourse for u maa

They reached home
Janaki:come in .
Sanky:noo maa if I come with u she may think iam buttering u to help me
Janaki(with a smile):ha ha ha really??
Sanky:ha maa she may misunderstand mee that iam using u to reach her soo
Janaki:ok goo but come again later don’t forget u have another maa too
Sanky:how can I ??
Sanky left
Rag saw Sanky dropping Janaki from window she didn’t listened their conversation

Rag(in mind):wt is he doing with maa did he told about his love to maa nooo noo he won’t do like that I know him may be they met somewhere

Epi ends
I know its very very small nd a boaring one but what to do I really not decided their story how to unite them soo plplzzive me some time to think how to unite them .plzz dont be angry on ur sis with in one day I will think of a good theme so plzz wait

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