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What’s your take on Siya Ke Ram’s war track?

Siya Ke Ram is going through a series of showdowns between Ram and Raavan’s brave warriors. The fight has been going on since a long time and now Ram and Raavan will be coming face to face in the war for the final outcome. Mandodari is worried for Raavan’s life, while Kaikesi has created Sahastra Raavan, who is built up with thousands of weapons. Kaikesi does not just want to protect Raavan, but also get Ram killed. Kaikesi hates Ram and wants to take revenge for all her dear one’s deaths.

Sahastra Raavan gets a soul at the crucial time and enters the battle ground to kill Ram. But, Sita would act as a savior for Ram and kill Sahastra Raavan by taking Kaali’s avatar. The war scenes are very thrilling and bringing many unseen facts for the viewers. Raavan’s history and family background are also well shown. All the characters are well defined and portrayed nicely by the wonderful cast. Siya Ke Ram is really an impressive take on Ramayana by Sita’s perception. Sita’s birth and her entire life’s journey is depicted in the show. Ram and Raavan’s huge war will be ending soon. The Dharm Yudh will be having an end where Ram will be getting victorious. What’s your take on Siya Ke Ram’s war track? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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