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What’s your take on Shagun’s negative track in YHM?

Shagun has turned negative all over again. The pretty lady’s character got too positive for some time and was looking different for a while. Her grey shade was the highlight of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ever since the start. Shagun was seen positive and raising Pihu well, taking care of Raman and family. Even though Raman did not marry her, she did not lose her cool and was happy in her small world. She even tried to figure out Ishita’s existence and went Australia in search of her. But, Ishita’s shocking entry made her feel insecure. Shagun could not keep her genuine goodness for longer period. She could not see Raman and entire Bhalla family forgetting her after Ishita’s re-entry in their lives.

While Raman was agreeing to marry Shagun, to show his anger and frustration towards Ishita, Shagun just wanted to have tough grip on Raman and her children. Ishita’s positivism was so reflecting that everyone just moved over Shagun. Shagun failed to marry Raman, because of Ishita. Shagun could not accept this humiliation and kidnapped Ishita. Her truth was revealed later. Right now, Shagun has joined hands with Ashok and Niddhi to make Ishita’s life troublesome. Shagun married Mani and is playing family politics by using Pihu and Raman’s trust. Ishita has seen Shagun’s real face, but the latter is sure to win all this time. Do you find Shagun’s character swing justified or totally wrong? Let us know in this poll. You may leave your opinion in comment section below.

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