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What’s your take on new family entry in Thapki Pyaar Ki?

Thapki Pyaar Ki recently got few new entries related to Bihaan. After Dhruv got guilt stricken and left the family for good, Thapki and Bihaan were managing all the homely responsibilities. But, Dhruv’s channel was facing big troubles as the new family targeted to ruin the channel to hurt Pandey Family. The new entries then got inside Pandey Nivaas and their characters were described as sudden and mysterious. The connection was not shown with Pandey family. It seemed like the lady Kosi Devi is related to Balwinder, but the twist was something else. Kosi Devi is Bihaan’s mother and came to snatch him from Pandey family.

Bihaan was standing with Pandey family and fighting with Kosi before he got to know the truth. Vasundara and Kosi bring the truth out to him on Janmashtami. Bihaan faces bitter truth that Vasundara has stabbed his father and killed him. Bihaan regards her as his father’s murderer and forms anger towards Balwinder and Vasundara. Even though, he still holds love for them in heart. Thapki decided to stand with Pandeys, as they are also Bihaan’s family. Bihaan got his real mother and family now. He started living with his new family and does not know their true intentions. Kosi wants to save Naman’s son Janardhan/John from death by using Bihaan. Janardhan’s both kidneys failed, and just Bihaan’s kidney can be transplanted to his cousin brother Janardhan. Kosi and Naman trick Bihaan and get his medical tests done. Kosi has no emotional bonding with Bihaan and is ready to sacrifice him for Janardhan. What’s your take on new family entry in Thapki Pyaar Ki? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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