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We can never be together..chapter 5 (part 2)

i know iam late so lets not waste any more time n proceed to my next part..
recap- in case u forgot the story here is the link of my last chapter-

We can never be together..chapter 5 (part 1)

N oh just a small reminder..this part is going to be in twinkles pov..
Chapter 5 ( part 2 )
“Kunj plz stay with me…u cant leave me like this”i said..tears started gushing out of my eyes…” kunj u cant leave ur partner like this…just stay with us…ambulance is on its way” jane said worrying…within no time the ambulance arrived..the paramedics rushed towards us n put kunj on the stretcher n took him inside the ambulance..i was following them but they told me that no one allowed to come with them…i wanted to argue but then i thought that would make a delay in taking him to the hospital…jane n i rushed to the city hospital…while driving she called someone named mahi n told her that kunj got shot n they r bringing him to her hospital…i wondered who she was..”umm who is mahi?” I asked jane.” She is kunj’s twin sister”jane answered…oh so kunj did have a family..of course he didnot tell me as he was undercover..” what about his parents??shouldn’t we call them?”i asked..”kunj’s parents died in a car crash when he was a kid” she said..
On reaching the hospital..we both rushed to the receptionist n asked her the directions for icu…she told us the directions n we both rushed to the icu…we sat outside waiting 4 the doc..i started praying 4 kunj’s life..i was so scared to loose him..he was not just my best frnd but also my love..i didn’t know if he loved me too..but all i knew was that i cant afford to loose the one person i care about the most…”don’t worry..nothing can happen to him..he is a tough guy..” jane said trying to console me..just then a girl came rushing towards us “is he alright? How did this happen? “She asked worryingly …”calm down mahi..ur brother is a fighter” jane said holding her shoulders..”sit here i will get u a bottle of water”jane said…mahi came n sat beside me..” iam sorry i don’t recognise u r u kunj’s colleague? ?” She asked sobbing…”no..iam his best friend..actually we met when he was undercover n we became friends..”i replied..”oh..” she said..jane returned with a bottle of water n gave it to mahi..just then the doctor came out frm the icu..we stood up on seeing him..” Dr. Sarna ur brother is out of danger..but it will take time for him to come back to conscious..” he said..we were releaved to know that he is going to be fine…”can i meet him?” Mahi asked eagerly..”sure dr. ” doc said…i thanked god 4 saving my kunj..i wanted to meet him n hug him tight..i wanted to tell him how much i loved him…i started remembering all our moments..n now that he is going to be fine my happiness had no bounds..
°°°°°°°°°kunj’s pov°°°°°°°°°
I opened my eyes n everything was blur..i could hear a familiar voice call out my name..i blinked my eyes rapidly to clear the blur..”twinkle” i said in a low voice..” no i idiot iam ur sister” she yelled..i turned my face towards her..her eyes were swollen n red due to crying..she looked very happy seeing me alive..”u always manage to get into trouble whenever u go undercover..i thought i told u not to go on an undercover mission again… but u r so stubborn u didn’t even inform me properly that u were going how irresponsible..u know what if u didn’t have this near death experience i would have punished u..iam ur elder sister so show some respect” she yelled..” oh come on mahi we r twins so u r not elder to me” i said in a very low voice..” iam 10 sec elder to u ” she said..” whr is twinkle?” I asked trying to change the subject…”ur girlfriend is waiting outside..should i call her in?? She said…” she is not my girlfriend..we r just close friends..” i said..” i know kunj u r a terrible liar…i can see that u love her..u were calling out her name while u were asleep” she said…what?? Did i really talk in my sleep?!?!..n about twinkle do u actually love her?..i thought we were just best friends…is it a lot more than that ???several questions popped in my head..i started remembering my moments with her…my thoughts came to an end when my sis continued ” i think she loves u” she said…” what?” I asked confusedly.. ” n how do u know about it? ” i asked curiously..did she actually tell my sis??i thought..” i saw it in her eyes..” she said..” then ur probably mistaken..we r friends so obviously she would be worried seeing me getting shot i said..then suddenly jane rushed inside..”umm..i know kunj this is not the right time n u need rest but boss called..” she said…but mahi cut her off ” kunj needs to rest..he wont work now” she said angrily..” i know n boss did not call me for that reason..he umm he said that umm” she hesitated..” spill it out jane” i said..” CKR put a bounty on ur head..on twinkle too for 1 million dollars” she said..” what????”..” apparently he cares more about his nephew than his niece” she said..” boss is sending backup..thr will be two officers gaurding ur ward n i will personally gaurd twinkle plus we r putting her on a house arrest..” she said..”see this is exactly y i told u not to go on a no mission..n how r we going to stop this drug lord n his assassins” mahi said worryingly…” dont worry mahi our team is trying its level best to capture CKR” jane said..oh gr8 y does this keep happening to me..just when i start to think that everything is going to be alright another problem pops out of nowhere…” take twinkle to my house right now n just stay thr..mahi give the keys to jane…n jane plz keep her safe also plz keep me posted” i ordered..” u can always count on me kunj..” she said n left immediately after mahi gave her the keyes…
Precap: twinkle goes missing

Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
..sorry a million times 4 making u all wait 4 such a long time..i know u all r miffed with me especially zakiyah n shatz sorry guys 4 making u wait.. i didn’t have time to post..plus iam writing this part for the 5th time..i don’t understand y it gets deleted??something is seriously wrong with my phone..anyways i was so pissed that i thought i will not write but then i realised that i cant leave my ff in a cliffhanger so i decided to write directly in tu page n post it..anyways originally i thought to end my ff in this part but then i got a new idea so i thought to continue it..n sorry 4 not btw commenting in ur ff i was really busy..shatz ur ff is amazing..i loved the twist…sayoo ur friendship special episode was too good..romaisha i loved the way u described the decorations in ur ff..n all other ff writers plz dont mind if i dont comment regularly i actually dont get time so i read it in a hurry..u guys rock!!…btw how was the chapter ? ? R u guys happy that i didn’t kill our hero??plz share ur views in the comments..n oh i will post the next part on monday i.e. 15th Aug..n this time i promise u all that i will post it on time..

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