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We are worthless episode 2

The episode starts when the school got over. Swaragini were coming out of the school.
Ragini : can we go outing now?
Swara : Yes lado.
They changed their uniform to jumpsuits.
Ragini : swara where we will go now?
Swara : we will go to bakery and then park
Ragini : Ok.

In the park,
Happy birthday to Swara di. (Chorus by the children).
Girl : di why do you celebrate your birthday here. You have 3 5 star hotels right? Then why do you want to celebrate with street children like us.
Swara patted her cheeks and kissed them and said I have but I like to spend time with you all and moreover I want to share the cake.
Ragini : first I asked the cake.
Swara : offo raagu. She went near raagu with a piece of cake and was about to feed her. But she applied it on raagu ‘s face and she started to run.
Ragini : swara stop idiot.
Swara : catch me if you can lado?
Chasing started till their homes . Ragini pushed swara in the muddy water. Swara dragged ragini in and they started to play in the muddy water.
At that time a gang of boys were passing them across.
Rajat: bhai look at the girls. Even though they are beggars. They play happily.
Sanlak looked at them and said wear specs
They are swaragini. Saying this they pulled the girls up dragged them to the baadi .Sanlak now got a valid reason to get them caught. On the way, swaragini pleaded Sanlak. But they didn’t listen.
Dadi: what happened swaragini ? This mud.
Swaragini : vo vo Dadi. Sorry.
Sanlak: people said they must be mad. Girls gave a deadly glare to the boys.
Dadi : see swaragini . How your future husbands are worried about you guys?
Swara blushes and thinks sanky you know I started developing feelings for you from childhood. And now you can’t escape from me.
Raglak, Dadi: Ok don’t leave him.
Swara : what? ??
Ragini: it’s not your mind voice and you spoke out. I have to say that sanky ‘ s choice is good but yours is so poor.
Sanskar: oye chipkali shut up.
Now he started to blush after hearing shona.

Laksh’s p.o.v.
I saw ragini after two days when swara born. Sanskar and I were just three years. Dadi and dida said that we have got an baby girl to play with us. I was not happy. Because rajat told us that girls won’t often play with us. I was sad and eating cotton candy. Sanskar was also sad went to suji aunt’s room after 2 minutes he came running saying that she is soft as swara and as fluffy muslin cloth. I ran to the room with the cotton candy. A bit of it fell on her face. I licked it before anyone else could see me. But she really tasted like that. And I again licked her . Sanskar stopped me.
Suji: laksh what are you doing beta?
Lucky: she taste like cotton candy.
All started to laugh and I again tried to start .
Sanskar: do you want her?
Laksh nodded yes.
Sanskar: then your I will keep your sister with me through out my life.
Laksh: Ok if you allow your sister with me?
All were waiting for sanky’s answer.
Sanskar: Ok . By hugging him.
At naming ceremony,
Sanlak pleaded to keep ragini’s name as candy and they cried. The families laughed at their innocence and extremely happy about their bond.

Present …lucky was shook by sanky.
Swasan: same flash back?
Laksh nodded yes
Ragini who was thinking for long time and started saying Dadi
Dadi: Haan
Ragini: I can’t marry that idiot at my 21 .I’m dreaming about Chris hemsworth. More over who will marry this donkey monkey hybrid.
Laksh: ragini…..
Ragini : I’m going to take bath Dadi and bye.
And ran from there. Laksh was now a clean bolt and swasan and dadi laughed at them.

Precap : ragini’s birthday. .at night 12

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