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Vote for your favorite Tashan E Ishq Pairing?

After big revelation in Zee TV’s Tashan E Ishq, Twinkle has succeeded to expose Rocky and prove that he is the real Kunj. While Kunj was trying to prove her wrong, Twinkle has very well proved her point infront of the family. Twinkle tells everyone about Rocky being their Kunj. With this secret coming out, Yuvraj and everyone get a wish to unite Twinkle and Kunj again. Yuvraj knows Twinkle still loves Kunj and wants her to reconcile with Kunj. But, Twinkle takes her own decision of not going back to Kunj. She feels she can never trust Kunj again, and where there is loss of faith, love can’t grow in her heart.

Yuvraj and family ask Twinkle to sign on the divorce papers. Twinkle takes a stand for her relation with Yuvraj and refuses to sign on the papers. Twinkle decides to stay with Yuvraj for his honesty and support, while Kunj was cheating her by his fake identity. Amidst all this developments, Yuvraj wishes Twinkle and Kunj unite. He asks Twinkle to end their marriage and go back to Kunj, who still loves her madly. While Jasmin-Siddhant pairing was awesome, Jasmin-Naman also makes a lovely pair. Still viewers are willing to see Jasmin-Zain’s pairing for their very old chemistry and Tashan. Vote for your favorite Tashan E Ishq Pairing? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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  1. Twiraj pair is the best one

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