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Vishkanya 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Vardaan throws black beads on Kasturi and she shouts in pain. Kalpana breaks Apu’s cage door. Brahamrakshas’s black smoke takes Kasturi from there. Kalpana gets Apu out of cage and thanks Vardaan for helping her and says she will not forget her favor her whole life. Apu says she is indebted to her for saving her life many times, but she will not let her take Malay. Vardaan says she knows, so she did not reveal her secret to anyone. Vardaan looks at kalimaa idol, smiles and leaves. Kalpana asks her to take care of herself. Kaun hai wo kaun hai wo…song.. from bahubali plays in the background for Apu.


Vardaan reaches home. Malay holds her and asks what is going on betwee her and Apu, what are they hiding, why did she bring bead anklet for Apu when guest took it out.

Vardaan thinks she promised not to reveal secret, but did not promise not to tell it to Malay. She says his doubt regarding Apu is right. He asks what is it. She says she cannot say, the more she tried to fix things, she went away from her, today she is going to lose him competely. He insists to tell what it is. She says he has to get secret from Apu itself and leaves. Malay goes to her room and seeing her sleeping smiles. He reminisces Apu panicking when her bead anklet is takes, goes to her room, finds her asleep, and tries to check her feet. Apu wakes up and asks how come here is here so early in the morning. He gets nervous. She says today is pooja, so if he came to wake her up. He nods yes. She says she is happy seeing his face in the morning.

Nandita checks CCTV footage and sees Kasturi signaling her hand and making fan fall on Apu. Kumkum asks what did she see. Nandita signals to rewind and pause and then play external footage. They see again Kasturi getting into car dickie. Kumkum asks who is this lady. Nandita thinks whoever it is, she has to meet her.

Kumkum comes to Apu and says she and Nandita are going out, so she has to go to gtemple alone, sees her hand injury and asks how did it happen. Apu reminisces getting hurt when she touched cage, and lies must have hurt unkowingly. Malay comes and says he will accompany Apu. Apu gets happy. Malay then says he and Vardaan will go. Apu gets sad.
Malay gets car. Apu sits on front seat and asks Vardaan if she is comfortable in backseat. Vardaan nods yes. Malay while driving thinks to save his and Vardaan’s relationship, he has to know what Apu is hiding. Apu says Malay she needs water. Malay goes out to bring water. Apu says Vardaan she can understand what she is gonig through when she performs marriage rituals on Malay’s insistence, even she had gone through same. Vardaan says she is not sad at all and says she should be worried instead. Apu says she is not worried at all. Malay comes back. They reach temple. Apu says Malay let us do pooja together like before. She asks Vardaan to get pooja iteams from car. Malay sees Apu’s neem-tulsi bead anklet and thinks if he removes it, Apu’s problems wll be out, so he will remove it.

Precap: Malay drops pooja itema purposefully and while picks picks them removes her neem-tulsi anklet. Vardaan thinks Malay will know Apu’s secret now. Goons misbehave with Apu and beat Malay. Apu scratches goon and Malay shouts what did she do.

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  1. apu n malay are so stunning together.
    please do not separate them.
    vardaan doesn’t fit in.
    get her a new husband. .

  2. vardaan should go away.
    please dont separate Malay and apu

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