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Vishkanya 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Apu warns Vardaan to divorce Malay if she wants to see him happy. Inspector releases Malay and says his wife bailed him out. He comes out of cell and sees Apu who hugs him and asks if he is fine. Malay asks where is his wife. Inspector Apu is his wife. Malay reaches home with Apu and asks where is Vardaan. Vardaan gives him divorce papers and asks him to go back to his wife. He says she is his wife. She says Apu is his wife now and she has signed divorce papers with her wish.


Kalpana with neighbors brings shagun and says Apu and Malay will marry legally now. Sh sends neighbors out. Malay tells Vardaan he does not know under what pressure she is to divorce him, he will sign divorce papers as per her wishes. He signs divorce papers and returns them to Vardaan and says he will marry Apu with a condition that Vardaan will make all the arrangments, he wants his second marriage to be complete. Kalpana says Apu let us go and start arrangement. Kumkum yells Apu will not be in peace after breaking someone’s marriage. Kalpana retaliates and says Vardaan is not in peace after breaking Apu’s marriage instead. Kumkum fumes.

Malay goes to his room and cries. Vardaan in her room cries that she had to divroce Malay to save his life and reminisces signing papers in front of Apu.

Kalpana tells Apu that their revenge will be complete after she marries Malay. Apu says in lieu of taking revenge, she lost her love. The way Malay was looking at Vardan, he used to look at her before, she has lost him. Kalpana says nobody can defeat her. She dorns bridal vein on her and says her love story is forever, Malay is in Vardaan’s infatuation after spending time with her, but he will be only Apu’s, she should celebrate her marriage. Apu reminisces Malay insulting her and telling he loves Vardaan now.

Precap: Apu thanks Vardaan and says without her support, her marriage would not have been possible. Vardaan asks if she will forgive herself. Apu sees Malay looking at Vardaan’s torn letter and angrily says she will get Vardaan out of Malay’s life forever.

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