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Vishkanya 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Mandira applies haldi to Chikki without getting her hand burnt. Apu and Kalpana are shocked. Chikki says Mandira her skin will also glow like her. Mandira says it caannnot be as she is unique and says if she applies haldi mix, she will be young for long for sure and her skin will nnot wrinkle. She reminisces seeing Apu and Kalpana discussing about holy haldi mix with which evil spirits will burn. She wears gloves and does skin tone makeup on it.


Apu thinks if haldi did not work, kapoor smoke will. She ties lemon and chilli thread on door and adds oil in lamps. Kids push lamps by mistake while running. Malay sees it falling on Apu and saves Apu on time. Panditji starts pooja. Mandira starts coughing and silently tries to leave, but Apu stops her folllowed by Nandita. She stands back and her legs starts burning. She silently pushes Chikki to diver attention. Everyone get busy looking at Chikki. She corrects her leg and start scolding people. She herself then lights lamps. Apu thinks why her trick did not work at all.

Apu passes by Malay’s room. He throws his haldi stained kurta on Apu and says this stain is very less than the one she gave on his heart. He continues yelling. Apu thinks she hurt him by becoming reason of Vardaan’s death, she will compensate it.

Mandira goes to Chikki’s room. Chikki sees Mandira’s chudail image in mirror and shouts she is not human. Mandira says she is not ghost, she is black smoke, evil’s friend. Chikki shouts. Mandira turns black smoke and tries to enter Chikki. Apu and Kalpana hear Chikki’s voice and knock door.

Precap: Chikki falls down unconscious after shouting. Apu knocks door and warns to open door, else she has keys. Mandira gets tensed. Apu opens door and sees Chikki on floor.

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