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Vishkanya 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Apu sees lemon/chilli protective thread on floor and lemon turning black and asks why did he throw it. He says he wanted to fix flowers on door. She gets worried seeing black lemon. Malay comes and she tries to speak, but Nandita comes and takes him in. She introduces him to Kajaria family and says Mr. Kajaria is Jodhpur’s #1 jewelry businessman and is his father’s classmate. Kajaria’s daughter gifts Malay an antique watch and wife gifts flower bouquet. Kajaria says this is rare piece of maharaja. Malay asks why are they giving gift. Nandita says she is thinking of marrying Kajaria’s daughter to him. Malay asks how can she and fumes. He thinks even Apu is with Nandita and scolds even her.


Nandita scolds Malay that she wants to get rid of dirty Apu and her mother. Apu heaars that and confronts. Nandita tries to slap her, but Mandira comes and stops her. Nandita gets very happy seeing her sister. Malay also gets happy and calls her maasi. Mandira asks if she looks so old, he can call her rani sahiba. She asks Nandita not to scold such a beautiful girl. Nandita says she does not know who this girl is. Mandira says she knows. Malay introduces Apu to her and she praises Apu. Apu thinks Mandira is so nice.

Mandira goes to graveyard and scolds grave dinner for delaying digging grave. She looks at real Mandira and reveals she is Kasturi’s boss/black smoke. She reminisces how she tried to kill Apu repeatedly and thinks via Mandira Rani Sahiba she will attain her goal.

Malay scolds Apu repeatedly and Apu thinks she will fulfill her promise made to Vardaan and will take care of Malay whole life.

Precap: Apu prepares lemon chilli thread and prays kali maa to protect her family. Black spirit gets afraid seeing this and looks at her original image in mirror.

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