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Vishkanya 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Vishkanya 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on tellyupdate.co.in

Apu warns Vardaan to divorce Malay if she wants to see Malay free and walks down. Vardaan throws temple lady’s given black beeds on her and she falls unconscious. Vardaan tries to pick Apu when Kalpana knocks door. She puts Apu on Nandita’s chair and hides her face with veil. She nervously then opens door and says Apu is not in home and has gone to police station to meet Malay. Kalpana thinks Nandita is on wheelchair and asks why she is hiding face. Vardaan says she has taken oath not to see anyone’s face before going to temple for Malay’s sake. She sees ointment in Kalpana’s hand and takes it and asks her to go out. Kalpana gives ointment and leaves.


Vardaan takes unconscious Apu to temple lady’s place. Temple lady says she did good by bringing Apu here and now she will get Apu’s poison out of her body. She confines Apu in a glass cube and starts filling water. Apu wakes up and pleads Vardaan to get her out, else she will die. Lady shouts she knows. Vardaan says she cannot kill Apu. Lady shouts she will get poison out at any cost. Vardaan thinks she cannot kill Apu to take her revenge. Lady pushes Vardaan and she hits her head on ladder and falls unconscious.

Lady laughs that Vardaan is a fool to get her vishkanya. She wants vishkanya’s poison for her evil god bramharakshas even if vishkanya dies. Her evil god’s spirit is seen on her back and she laughs. Glass cube breaks and falls out. Evil lady is shocked and asks who did this. Vardaan wakes up and says she did this. Lady gets knive with black magic and tries to stab Vardaan, but Apu holds lady’s hand and twists it. Lady pleads her god brahmarakshas to kill Apu, but he says he cannot as Apu’s soul is pure and takes away lady from there. Lady disappears. Apu says Vardaan she has not forgiven her yet and asks her to divorce Malay by evening, slits her palm and says else she will file mental and physical harassment case on Malay.

Precap: Apu bails out Malay and quashes all cases against him. Vardaan picks Malay’s love cards. Malay snacks them and says when she does not love him, she does not have right to keep them.

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