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Vampire love story (Episode 1)

Hi guys I am back with the episode 1.In intro I got many comments hope in every episodes I get like this comments.

And I am going to enter Arjun Bijlani,Shakti Arora,Vivian Dsena,Sharad Malhotra and Sidhant Gupta.


There name will be same and here Arjun is only main and all other have got side role.And also Mouni Roy will be also there.

So let’s start

Laksh throws the box and goes out of the house.

He calls someone.

Laksh:Hello Arjun

Arjun:Yes Laksh

(Arjun is too a vampire and all other are too vampire leaving Mouni Roy,she is a human)

Laksh:Arjun I want you to come out of my house as my car has stopped working so come to drop me.


He cuts the call.

Laksh is waiting for Arjun when he sees a girl is running behind her duppata which is flying.

The duppata comes on his face.The girl comes to him and says

Girl:Thanks for catching my duppata.

Laksh removes the duppata from his face and sees the face of the girl.

He stretches his hand to give her the duppata and she too stretches her hand to take duppata.

While taking duppata their hand hand touches mistakenly.

They both have eyelock.Laksh gets attracted towards her unknowingly.

Girl takes the duppata and says

Girl:Thanks and my name is Ragini.

Laksh:I am Laksh

She smiles and leaves from there.Laksh is still staring her.

Here Arjun is driving car when a girl comes in between and hits her little.The girl falls down so he comes out to see her.

Arjun goes to her and sees her head is injured so he keeps his hand on her head and heals her injury.

The girl wakes up.

Girl:Who are you?

Arjun:Actually I mistakenly hit you so I came to see you whether you are fine.What is your name?

Girl:My name is Mouni.

Mouni tries to stand so Arjun helps her.

Mouni:Thanks for helping me.

She leaves from there and Arjun is still staring her.

Precap:Vivian comes to Arjun and Laksh and says that a werewolf is going to come.
Hope that you all will like it and I will get comments like in intro.

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