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Urmila-Lakshman vs Megh-na (episode 2)

hEY, GUYS FIRSTly i want to share something,yesterday was nagpanchami,so happy nagpanchami to all,i read an article on sheshnag and vasuki,they are sons of kashyap and kadru,sheshnag is elder,his wife is naglakshmi.They incarnated as revati and balaram and earlier as Laxman-urmila.
They have a son madinag.Shesh and Nagalakshmi are treated as an expansion of vishnu’s sankarshan form and his consort,an avtar of lakshmi.

Vasuki is related to shiv.his wife is Shatashirsha.(may be mother of Sulochana,sometimes she is considered as daughter of shesh.
Now ,moving to ff
Sulochana comes to the battlefield to claim his body.Ram praises her bravery as without fearing,she came here to claim his husband body.She says-Lakshman arya,remember,it was not only a war of you 2,but the war between 2 satis in which your wife won and i lost.Some text say,with her chasity,the broken head of Meghnad starts laughing and everyone was astonished.
She commited sati on her husband funeral pyre,leaving her children in care of Vibhishan.
acc to a legend,she was the daughter of sheshnag,he wanted him to marry indra but she was not ready and he became the reason of his death(meghnad).


also,he never slept in this 14 years,which gave him a strong reson to win.

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