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Urmila-Lakshman vs Megh-na (episode 1)

See,this ff is totally fictional with no reference to any version,as in said in versions of indonesia and burma that meghanad has fallen for urmila though being married,i don’t know how true is it as meghanad is loyal son and husband,i am not trying blackmark his character,sorry if i hurted the feeling of anyone,plz read and comment
Meghanad goes to war against lakshman.His weapons failed to kill LAKSHMAN,he is shocked ,he returns.Lakshman says-bhaiya,it seems he is frightened.Ram says-no,he is brave,he must be planning something.

M-I don’t understand,how can my attempt to kill that Lakshman fails every time,what is so special in him.RAVAN is also tensed.Kaikesi comes.LET me find,the reason.
She does a puja and sees a woman sleeping,and in him,he sees Lakshman.She opens her eyes in shock,sati stri,so this the reason.


She comes to hall.Ravan says-did you find what is the reason,mata.She says-yes,i found,what is saving that Lakshman,what is coming between him and his death.Everyone is shocked.
Ravan says-what mata.She says -satitva. Meghanad says-whose satitva.She says-Sita’s satitva is protecting Ram,in the same way,Lakshman is been protected by his wife who is sita’s sister,Urmila.
She says-her satitva is even more powerful than sita,she has taken her husband’s sleep for the last 14 years which is giving him a strong support to win.
Ravan says-what can be done mata,she says-as i hv asked to marry sita to get a suraksha kavach,similarly Meghanad should marry urmila.He says-no mata,whatever,i will not marry,i love my wife,more than my life,i can never look or think about another woman.Sulochana’s satitva is enough for my protection and i am loyal to her.

Kaikasi says-the matter is not,you love Sulochana or her satitva can’t protect you but if you will marry her,your protection will increase.Meghanad is unhappy.Ravan says-putra,i know your loyality,but you are a loyal son also,marry her ,its my wish.Meghanad hesitatingly agrees.Sulochana hears the convo.Meghanad sees her and follows her.
She is crying in her room.Meghanad says-see,i l u,i can’t think about anyone else.She says-then why u agreed for mairrage,am i not keeping u happy or u r bored from me.
He says-no,i can’t be fed up of you,never but i hv to follow what pitaji said.She says-but what about me.He says-you r my only love and will be always.2 mairrage is just for increasing protection and not for love.Mandodari consoles her.
Ravan says-putra,u can get her by killing her husband.

Next day,he enters the battle field,says-Lakshman,i came to know,your wife is your protection,but if i will get her,by killing her,no one was able in demons to lift your body because of her devotion,now i will get her by killing you.Lakshman fumes.

Trijata says-Meghanad wants to marry your sister,Lakshman’swife urmila.Sita says-no mata,their love and bonding is pure and strong.she is a great sati,even greater than me,that Meghanad can’t harm them.Flashback is shown,Lakshman was hurt by shakti and Urmila was feeling rest less in sleep,as she feels-something bad happened to her husband.

Lakshman says-u can”t seperate us in any birth,our bond is made for every birth,a huge fight follows and Lakshman closes her,seeing urmila supporting him,kills Meghanad.

will update next part soon.

I want to ask if varuni and vimala are same and if revati and varuni,incarnations of same godess.

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