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UR wish, MY command….twinj (intro n prologue)

hi,tamanna here again to bore u all..thankyou so much for commenting on my previous os…i was so happy…i was smiling all day..when something sad would happen with me i remembered ur cmmnts n be happy..today i got to know the value of cmmnt…thank u so much…i have replaid to ur comment…
sonali05, rochika, dreamer…arundhati, sidmin-daamini, sayeeda, dolly, joonakansha, shikha, sameera, sidmin, cp, thanmy, purnima.agarwal30, ayu[shreya], aamu, shatakshi, zakiyah, jisha, adina, sanjanaagarwal, romaisah, monica, angita, sidvee, baby..thank u so much all of u..hope i have not missed anyone..if any thanks to u also..
..so this is few shots ff n it wil end soon…


kunj sarna {sidhant gupta}-he is a 24 years old…son of usha n general monoher sarna…mom passed away…just joined army after training…lives with twinkle…cute,handsome,hot,caring,fun loving, respects girls{aaj tak koi proper word hi nahi nahi mila sid ko define karne}…loves monoher…obeys RT like his own father…he can do anything for his loved one specially his love lady ????…

twinkle taneja {jasmine bhasin}-she is 22 years old..daughter of leela n rt..mom passed away..just completed her studies…lives with kunj in his house…cute,bubbly,beautiful,gorgeous,caring…loves rt..she madly trusts her loved ones especially her love of life ????……
yuvraj luthra{zain imam}-he is 25 years old…neighbour of twinj…lives alone…good friend of twinj…works as a teacher in college…he is a mystery which will reveal later…
munoher sarna-father of kunj..he is general officer in indian army..loves his son alot..best frnd of RT…can do anything from him….
RT/Raminder taneja-father of kunj…he is also a general officer in indian army…loves his daughter alot.. best frnd of monoher….he will be just in the prologue…
other characters [if any] they will be revealing later..

kunj n twinkle lives together in kunjs house…they r too much close frnds..together from 1years..yuvi is neighbour of twinj n good frnd with them…rt n monoher r best frnds…
so the prologue..
a place is shown…many soldiers are guarding it..a gun shot is heard..all gets into the gun fight…someone gets shot…its revealed to be RT…a man comes running to him..it is revealed to be monoher..he calls ambulance..the ambulance comes thier n rt is rushed in it…rt shows someones photograph n says to monoher who is sitting beside him…
RT-monuher this my daughter as u know..this photo is given by the attackers…i dont have more time..i m leaving my daughter on ur behafl…take care of her…plz save my daughter..agar ek camera wahan jah saktha hai so gun tho zaroor jaa saktha hai..[a camera can go then surely a gun can also go]MS-rt dont say like that nothing will happen to u…n about ur daughter.. nothing will happen to her..i ll protect her..as she is also like my daughter…
RT-thank you so much monoher…i believe u..[ he takes his last breat there]monoher cries…he calls someone..


a boy is shown…he is workng out…he looks so hot in his perfectly packed covered with sweat body..his phone rings…he pics it up..
boy-hello papa, whats up all fine na..
ms-hello beta[son],[whilecrying] rt is no more…i called u bcz of promise which i made to rt…i want u to fulfill it..
boy- what????rt uncle….[his eyes fills with tear]yes papa…say the work which i have to do..
ms-u have to protect his daughter..[he tells him the whole mattter]..n remember she should not get to know about ur reality….understand..nw im sending u the pic of the girl..
boy-papa whats her name,

boy-TWINKLE TANEJA OKAY papa.i will surely protect her…as UR WISH,MY COMMAND…bye..
the boy recieves the pic of same girl..
hw is it????liked it??? boring???want me to continue….if yes than whch would u prefer-
1.happy ending….or…..2.sad ending ..if any confusion u can ask me…
i wanted to tell u that i cant post it daily..as u know projects,homework n all…
plz drop ur cmmnts….whether -ve or +ve..
love u all..

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