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Unknown love story (Shakthi,matsh and kkb) epi-1(part-2)

Now this part will be matsh and shakthi combined.

Scene-1 matsh&shakthi


The episode starts with Ishaani gets up from bed and slowly stretches her legs and comes down.. She removes screen and sees sunlight and makes it fall on whole room.. Harman shouts.. She gets shocked and runs towards his room.. He punches someone in dream????Ishaani comes there and punches him really. He wakes up shouting… She laughs..????????He says u?? She tells it is me..

He takes his pillow and starts running to beat her.. Harshad stops them.. Ishaani and Harman stands silent. He smiled.. And beats them with pillow..Falguni stops them and gives aarti and prays god for their children bright future..

Ishaani and Harman runs inside room to get ready.. Falguni makes tiffin.. Ishaani and Harman runs to table and haves food fast.. Ishaani takes car key first.. Harman tells u r cheating! Ishaani tells I have taken after having my tiffin! He says maaaa! Falguni tells he is owner of big company. It will bad if he goes in Duke???She smiles and tells then he should drop me . he agrees..

They both leaves.. Harman comes to office and opens his door.. He sees nobody still came.. He sees notice that all workers went to staff member marriage???He then beats his head and tells I missed it.. He leaves.. Ishaani comes to school.. An masked man comes there and tells principal that all students should get above 90% this yr.. She agrees.. He asks who is the best teacher in this school? Principal tells Ishaani parekh.. He tells I need to meet her…

Scene-2 shakthi and matsh..

Ranveer comes near door and gets ready.. Soumya comes there and tells him today many MNC companies are leave.. He tells for me no leave. He leaves without having food.. Amba throughs tiffin box and he keeps inside his car.. Soumya also runs to him and sits back seat..

Amba bids bye.. To them…

Precap: Masked man sees Ishaani and tells her to make all students to get above 90%!! She fights with him.. Through words.. Harman sees a girl.. In yellow sari @staff member marriage.. And gets amused..

Bye guys take care.. This is short.. Sorry.. Next epi I will make it as big I promise…

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