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Unknown love story (Shakthi, matsh and kkb) intro


Guys many knew about me.. So here is my new ff.. Which will make u all happy☺☺☺☺I never satisfied kkb fans.. Happiness.. This time.. I will satisfy them!! Surely!!.


Abhi:Rockstar.. His songs was always hit.. Producer stands in queue.. To get call sheet.. He loves his sister.. Aaliya so much.. He is always behind money. He loves his dadi also soo much..

Soumya: She is young girl.. Having small dreams. She is in search of his dream guy! For his life.. She wants to be always happy!.. She has brother as ranveer..

Ranveer: He us brother of soumya. He is caring and he works at big MNC company.. As Managing director..

Amba:she is @ hunt for searching for his son bride.

Ishaani: She is teacher at big school.. Which is runned by big cinema actor…

Harman: Young,beautiful.. Boy.. He always cares about her sister.. He is the back bone os the family..

Falguni & harshad-Parents..

Pragya:She is a professor by nature.. She loves songs.. Which is sang by Abhi!

Sarla:Mother of pragya..

Bulbul: Sister of pragya .

Purab: Friend of Harman.

Tanu:She is friend of aaliya.

Mahindar: He is big pandit..

Ritika: Friend of ranveer..

So guys here is intro.. I will give equal imp to all leads.. So pls leave u r valuable comments.. And kkb.. I gonna take from current track.. I won’t introduce dadi.. Becoz I hate her role. Now a days.. Alot.. Shakthi show.. New fresh track and matsh also.. So keep reading my ff.. Bye guys take care..

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