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Unexpected Relation Season 2 (Chapter 2)

Sanskar enters his room and closed the door. He sat on the bed and opened the diary. He sees a beautiful girl’s pic with caption my life. He turned the page and starts reading.
“Hello Beta in this diary I wrote about my life’s best moments”

Sanskar turned the next page “ First of all I am a Don yes beta I am an underworld Don not only me Laksh Mausa Aaryan Mama we all are Don. Everyone has there own story you I am the first child of the generation so I am the most pampered one. My bua Peerti I am the eye for her. I always considered her my Maa. When I was 11 years I saw a guy disturbing Bua very much. One day that guy kidnapped me and called Bua. And that bastard in front of me raped her.I couldn’t do anything and after that Bua couldn’t bear it and committed suicide. I went to Papa and told him everything and we both went to police but that bastard was a very big Don and the police were in his control. Then only I thought so as a common man we cannot do anything for that we have to be powerful. On that day I decided I will become a Don for that I worked Day and Night without anyones notice when I joined college I met Laksh and Arun. Laksh lost his parents because of that bastard and Arun lost his sister. I told them my point we joined hands and in the night we go to training and formed our gang. After my college our first target is that bastard and in front of 1000 people I shot him to dead. From that moment I became the Don Biju. We came across many people with different and formed my gang.


Sanskar had tears but he composed himself. He closed the diary that time he saw key sticking to the back of the diary.

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