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Udaan 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vivaan asking Chakor to tell him truth. He asks why is she doing this, whom is she saving this time, him, Imli or her parents, why is she helpless, whats the matter, how is Suraj threatening you, what did Suraj tell her that she is doing all this, what is stopping her. Chakor lies to him that she is with Suraj by her wish, she loves Suraj and has united with Suraj. She says she is Suraj’s wife now and he has no right to ask this to her, she has burnt her past in havan kund while she married Suraj.


She cries and thinks my words will make you hate me and get close to Imli, Imli needs you now and I want you to be with him. He says I can’t believe this. She says I don’t love you. He drags her outside and asks him to shoot on him, to prove whether she loves him or not. She

asks whats this, I don’t need to proof anything. He says if you don’t shoot, I will be sure that you love me a lot. She says fine, if you want this, go and stand there, I will show how much I love you.

Vivaan keeps an apple on his head and stands there. She says sorry, I can’t do this. She shoots at the pot and tells him that her aim is not good, he would have got shot, is this not proof that they have nothing left now. He says yes Chakor, nothing to prove now, everything is proved. He goes.

Chakor aims at pots and shoots all of the pots angrily. She cries and says forgive me Vivaan, Suraj has become my destiny, I can’t change it. She prays to Lord.

She goes to room and Suraj comes there. He asks why is she angry and showing knife. She says you tried to provoke Imli and Vivaan, we have different relation inside this room, its better you stay away. He says fine, I will stay away if you say. She asks what work does he have with her. He says you are right, I m using your name and kept a charity event to get money in my pocket. She says you can’t do this, I won’t let you use my name. He threatens her about Imli. She thinks how to control Suraj.

Vivaan sits sad. Imli asks him to go out and meet people, attend the event and show you don’t care. He says we got fooled again, Chakor is not helpless, she is doing this by her wish. She says I don’t know why I trusted her. He says if your friendship was not with me, I could have not bear this big cheat alone, life’s meaning ended for me. He holds her hand and thanks her. She smiles and says I should thank you for doing so much for me. She asks him to go. He agrees and leaves.

Tejaswini welcomes the guests. The guests talk to Chakor and say they will donate big amounts for kids education, they are relieved they are not duped. Vivaan and Imli come there. Chakor sees Vivaan and recalls her words. She holds Suraj’s hand and says if Suraj did not support me, I would have not done such big work. Imli sees them and holds Vivaan’s hand. Vivaan introduces his wife Imli to the guests. Chakor gets away from Suraj. Suraj looks at her and takes guests. A girl comes there and looks at the haveli. She reads Chakor’s name on the board. Chakor sees that girl and thinks who is she. She sees her bracelet……..

Suraj asks Chakor did you feel the beggars will get this money. Chakor makes Suraj meet charity commissioner, his work is to check whether charity reaches right place. She makes Suraj give cheque to Sharma. Suraj gets angry.

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