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Udaan 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Imli asking Chakor what is her ring doing here. She asks Chakor how did cradle come to stable, it was in haveli. Chakor says I don’t know how did this happen. Vivaan says you were with cradle at the last time. Imli thinks she confessed her feelings infront of Chakor. Vivaan recalls leaving cradle with Chakor. Chakor asks are you all doubting on me. Vivaan scolds her and says you told Imli that you will get cradle to room, and cradle burnt, you are jealous seeing us as you are not happy with Suraj. Chakor says no, I pray for your happiness, Imli tell him what I told you.


Vivaan says don’t get Imli in this, I spoke to you thinking justice did not happen with you, now I don’t want to see your face, if you try to ignite fire in our relation, I will not leave you. Ragini

says I can’t believe you got blind in jealous and burnt the cradle. Chakor tells them that Ragini was with her at night and she has hugged her to take her ring and Ragini has burnt this cradle, trust me Vivaan. Ragini asks Vivaan to see what is Chakor saying.

Vivaan asks Chakor why is she always blaming Ragini. Chakor says I did not wish to disturb you and Imli, so I left cradle in hall, I knew Ragini came here with some motive, she has done this to fill hatred in hearts against each other, I have proof against Ragini, I can show it. Vivaan says I don’t want proof against anyone, I have proof against you. Tejaswini says we should ask Chakor if she is saying. Imli gives a chance to Chakor and asks whats the proof. Chakor says its in my room and takes all of them to room. She gets envelope empty. Ragini recalls how she has taken the papers from Chakor’s room. She says now you will say I have stolen papers.

Chakor says yes, you have stolen it. She tells Vivaan that Ragini has your bank account details, she planted bomb in aug 15, she knew the amount in account and that man asked same amount. Vivaan says I pity you, you have become like Suraj. Ragini says I did not do this. Imli says I trust Ragini, Chakor is lying. Chakor tells Imli that Ragini is lying and wants to make us fight, trust me. Imli slaps Chakor. Everyone get shocked. Chakor says you are a bad sister and a bad human being. They all leave. Chakor asks Ragini was this your game to break us. Ragini says I won in this game and leaves. Chakor sits crying.

Suraj sits upset. Tejaswini switches on lights. He says switch it off, I don’t want to see my face. She asks what happened, when did you start liking darkness, I m worried, Chakor is getting jealous, Ragini is accepting Imli and Vivaan is boasting of himself, do something. Suraj says I did big mistake, I need your help. She says I m seeing you so worried for the first time, tell me what happened. He cries and says I love Imli a lot, I have rejected her, that baby is mine, I regret a lot, I want to get Imli back. She gets shocked. He says I want my child to call me Papa, do something, unite me with Imli.

Chagan tells Imli that he has decorated her room, Vivaan will be glad. She thanks him and goes to the room. She sees the decorations and flowers. She thinks of Chakor’s words. Chakor comes there and says flowers are beautiful, I m not upset that you slapped me, but your heart got hurt by all this, so I came to apologize, but I did not burn that cradle. Imli asks her to shut up, you loved Vivaan and I love him now, that’s you got jealous and burnt cradle without thinking Vivaan got hurt by all this. Chakor says trust me, why would I decorate cradle and make jhanki. Imli says you did all the drama so that no one doubts on you.

Chakor keeps her hand on her heart and asks her to think will I do this. Imli says you lost sister’s place when you refused to give divorce to Suraj, I know you can’t forget Vivaan. Chakor says yes, I can never forget Vivaan, but I blessed you to be happy with Vivaan. Imli says why did you burn cradle, I decorated this room to tell my feelings to Vivaan, but I will not say anything, I will suppress everything in my heart. She throws flowers and says I will not tell my feelings to Vivaan. She cries and asks Chakor to remember you can’t make Vivaan out of her heart and can’t snatch her baby’s rights on Vivaan. Chakor sees the ruined decoration and cries. She asks Imli to stop it now, if you have gone blind and can’t see truth, then fine our all relations end today.

Chakor says one thing is clear, Ragini wants to make all of us fight, but whats her profit. Ragini tells Bhaiya ji that she has done all arrangements, your return journey will start tomorrow.

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