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Udaan 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Suraj coming home. A man sees him coming and starts acting. He says I came to repent, I want to meet my daughter Bijli once, I want to apologize to her once. Suraj imagines Imli getting her son. Suraj gives his son a chocolate, which the boy refuses to take. He says I will drop you to school. The boy says I m not your son, my dad’s name is Vivaan. His imagination ends. Ragini asks Suraj what are you thinking. Suraj says nothing and goes. Ragini pays money to the man. She asks him to disappear now. He thanks and leaves. She says this is enough to disturb Suraj’s life, now its Vivaan’s turn.


Chakor gets Vivaan’s love letter and reads it. She cries and hugs the letter. She thinks of Imli’s words. Chakor thinks will Vivaan accept Imli’s love. She recalls a lovely moment between Vivaan and her. Vivaan tells her that we both will always love each other. She says I don’t give time to you, I m scared to lose you, if any girl comes in your life and loves you, if she snatches you then… He says there is no girl like that who can love me more than you, no girl can break our love bond, if anyone such comes, I will ask her to run away, I just love my Chakor. She smiles and hugs him. FB ends. Chakor says maybe fate has this written that Vivaan and Imli love each other.

Suraj comes and gives her the knife. She says this knife, its same knife by which you can send Imli to jail, why are you threatening me now. He says no, I m returning this, I m freeing you now, take this. She asks him what does he want from her. He says I don’t want anything, I just want my life to get peace and happiness, I want to get my Imli and child. She asks are you mad, Imli can’t be yours now, she is in love with Vivaan and is happy, you focus on work. He says I know what to do, I can’t live without Imli and my child, I can’t see my child think I m stranger and Vivaan is his father, I want to get Imli back and hug my child, I want to celebrate festivals with him, I want my family back. She says this can’t happen. He asks why, I m freeing you from this forced marriage, you can go back to Vivaan and my Imli will come back to me, just you can make this possible, help me please. She thinks of Imli’s love for Vivaan.

She says this can’t happen, Imli does not love you now. Suraj says I will teach her to love me again, if you don’t want me to unite with her and don’t help me, I will get Imli back, my child will call me Papa. She says Imli told me that….. He says enough, I don’t want to hear anything, I will do everything on my own. He takes knife and asks her to just see. Ragini heard them. Chakor says I think all relations will get fire again. Ragini says yes, I will see the drama.

Imli calls Chagan and asks her to help her in giving surprise to Vivaan. He agrees. Ragini hears Imli and says you are doing right to confess feelings to Vivana, I m excited. Vivaan comes and Imli makes Ragini quiet. He asks whats happening. Ragini asks Vivaan to promise he won’t think she is wrong, and tells him about Chakor. She says I got to know Chakor still loves you, I m worried for her. He says you are mistaken, Chakor told me she does not love me and loves Suraj, I don’t care now, whatever happened is good for me, I got Imli, our child will come in some days who will call me Papa. Ragini says its good, but I have seen Chakor jealous seeing you and Imli together, I m worried that someone igniting fire to your happiness. He asks her not to worry.

She says person can change anytime. Imli comes and asks Vivaan about cradle, its nowhere. Bijli comes and says stable, someone burnt the cradle in stable. Vivaan and Imli get shocked and rush. Ragini smiles and praises herself.

Chakor worries for Imli. Imli and Vivaan cry seeing the cradle burning. They wonder who did this. Chakor prays to Lord to get strength. Imli says who will burn this, maybe by mistake. He asks how can it be. Ragini informs Chakor about cradle burning. Chakor rushes. Imli gets a ring near the cradle. Vivaan says whose ring is this. Chakor comes and says this is my ring, how did it come here. Imli says I was asking you the same.

Chakor says Ragini is lying, she wants to make us fight. Imli slaps Chakor. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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