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Udaan 28th August 2016 Written *Maha* Episode Update

Udaan 28th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.

The Episode starts with Chakor getting shocked seeing Ragini donating some needful blankets to prisoners. Ragini says you here, you came to check on me, you don’t trust me. Chakor says yes, I don’t trust you, this is part of your drama, one day truth will be out. Chakor asks Ragini will she come along or does she have to meet anyone. Ragini says no, my work got over. Bhaiya ji calls Ragini. She disconnects. Chakor looks on and thinks I will find your truth. Bhaiya ji says why did Ragini not reach here and ending my call, what happened to her, I m sure Chakor did something.


Chakor comes home and talks to Suraj. He says I spoke to Imli, she has chosen her way, which way should I go. She says if you truly loved her, then let her move on with her happiness, which lies in Vivaan. Suraj goes. Tejaswini asks Ragini where is she going at this time of night. Ragini argues and asks her not to force her rules on her. She leaves. Chakor asks Tejaswini about Ragini’s behavior having anger towards her. Tejaswini asks her to mind her own business. Chakor thinks I have to assure her I want same. Chakor says I also want to know why Ragini came in this haveli, with what intentions, I need to know something about you and Ragini. Tejaswini says if you have same motive to send Ragini back, I have no problem to tell you, she is not my daughter, she is result of Bhaiya ji’s affair.

Ragini meets Bhaiya ji and says Chakor stopped me to meet you. He says I know, time has come, now I should get freedom. She asks really, how? Tejaswini says I have raised her to agree to Bhaiya ji, but when he married Ranjana, I left Ragini, she has run away and I told everyone that I have sent her away, now Ragini came back and she is not my daughter. Bhaiya ji tells Ragini thatr she will get totally free. Vivaan asks Imli why did she burn her hand, he would have taken her to doctor. Ranjana gives ointment to Imli. Vivaan says you got late, Imli has already applied ointment. Ranjana says I have to way to end Vivaan’s annoyance, Imli will help me.

Ranjana says I will do Janmashtami preparations as baby is coming in our haveli, Imli and Vivaan can do this puja. Tejaswini asks for Suraj. Suraj and Ragini come and sit for dinner. Suraj says I got her on the way. Chakor asks Ragini where did she go. Ragini says I was doing arrangements for Janmashtami, I planned dahi haandi festival. Vivaan says we are with you in this good work, I used to become Kanha in childhood, I will break dahi haandi. Ranjana says fine, Vivaan will become Kanha and Imli will become Rukmani. Ragini thinks Chakor did not forget Vivaan and Suraj did not forget Imli, I will plan their Rasleela which will complicate their relations.

Vivaan paints the cradle. Chakor comes there. Vivaan says I m preparing this cradle for Imli and my child. She says Imli is very lucky and cries. He says I want to give her happiness, her child gave my life a new direction. Imli hears him. Vivaan says I have to surprise Imli by seeing this cradle. Imli thinks I will do acting of not knowing of this surprise and goes. Chakor paints cradle and says there can’t be better way to give this gift, give this at the time of puja, Imli will be happy, you and Imli pray that the baby is like Bal Gopal. Vivaan says idea is not bad, but I don’t know making jhanki. She says I will make jhanki, I will make this Janmashtami memorable for you and Imli. He thanks Chakor. She says I have to go for practice, I will get items, till then this paint will dry. She leaves.

Chakor runs and cries. She says why am I feeling bad, my happiness is in Imli’s happiness. Suraj comes and gives her water. He gives her new jersey and says you will run in Asian games. She asks about the number 32. He says I agreed to you and got jersey number 501. She says you got scared I will lose with any other number. He says big runners are coming in Asian games, you need to practice a lot, you have to win, else I will lose name.

She says you are taking care of me, and found out participants, you are doing this to make yourself busy, so that you don’t miss Imli and her baby. He says I m doing this to earn money. She stares at him. He says fine, I m doing this to be busy and not get affected by Imli’s memories, I m trying but its tough, anyways focus on practice, I m going to practice about dahi haandi. She says I should also keep my mind busy so that I don’t think about Vivaan, I should find out whats Ragini doing, I have to help Vivaan in making jhanki.

Vivaan thanks Chakor for making beautiful cradle. She recalls their childhood Janmashtami. He asks for Bal Gopal. She says you are Kanha. He asks what are you saying. Ragini hears them. Chakor says I will get idol at puja time, all decorations are over, how does this look. He says beautiful, if Imli likes this, its good. Ragini thinks Chakor should have ruined Imli’s happiness, I will do this now. Vivaan goes to practice dahi haandi. Chakor cries and thinks I feel you moved on, I should also change my direction now.

Imli cooks food and talks to baby. Ranjana asks her not to work. Imli says I don’t have a problem. Ranjana cries and requests Imli to make Vivaan talk to her. She asks Imli to call her mummy. Imli says I have forgiven you, I will tell Vivaan to forgive you and behave like before. Ranjana says fine, come. She smiles and says I m fool, if tears can do this work, why is poison needed. Imli tells her baby that their small family will be happy, everything will be fine, Vivaan wants to surprise me, why don’t I get some gift to surprise him.

Chakor gets Imli downstairs. Vivaan surprises Imli with the cradle. Imli smiles and says I liked it a lot, its beautiful. Ragini thinks she will not leave this cradle. Tejaswini asks Suraj to see Imli and Vivaan’s love story, very soon baby will also come. Suraj asks her not to say anything against Imli. Chakor gets Krishna idol and ask Imli to place this in cradle, pray the baby is like Krishna. Imli and Vivaan place idol in cradle. Imli asks Vivaan to talk to Ranjana, forgive her on this auspicious day. Vivaan says fine, I will forgive Ranjana for Imli and baby’s sake. Ranjana smiles and hugs him.

Chakor asks them to swing the cradle and idol. Imli and Vivaan swing the idol, and sing Bada natkhat hai yeh….. Vivaan sees the wire lighting getting spark and goes to check. He goes to get tester. Imli thinks to give gift to Vivaan and tells Chakor about it. She goes upstairs and takes the gift box. Chakor and Suaj do aarti. Vivaan gets electric shock and falls down the stairs. Imli gets shocked and drops the gift. She shouts Vivaan and runs to him. Everyone hear Imli and turn to see. Chakor rushes to Vivaan. Ranjana cries and asks someone to call doctor. Imli comes crying and hugs Vivaan. She asks Vivaan are you fine. Suraj turns away. Vivaan says I m fine Imli says if anything happened to you then… Chakor cries.

They take Vivaan to make him rest. Imli thinks I realized whats Vivaan for me, I love you a lot, I can’t live without you. She cries and sees Chakor. She thinks how could I love Vivaan, he is Chakor’s love, I know Chakor loves Vivaan, what shall I do, I have no control on my heart. Ragini says you are right Imli, you have love in your eyes for Vivaan. Imli says but Chakor… Ragini says Chakor said she loves Suraj, not Vivaan, that’s why she married Suraj and left Vivaan, don’t blame yourself, you talk to Chakor.

Chakor asks Imli whats the matter. Imli says I want to tell you truth, I fell in love with Vivaan. Ragini smiles hearing them. Chakor gets shocked. Imli says Vivaan explained me love, I m very lucky to get a husband like him, I know you still love Vivaan, and maybe Vivaan also loves you. Chakor says no, Vivaan may worry for me, but he does not love me now, he is close to you. Imli says I will wait for him to tell me himself. Chakor says love is not spoken, its seen in eyes, you have to go for dahi haandi. Imli goes. Chakor cries. Ragini says both sisters have much love, but tomorrow there will be storm, these two sisters will hate each other, Chakor will leave following me, Papa and I will plan everything then. Chakor prays to Kanha ji. Ragini goes to her and says you are very strong to sacrifice your love for Imli. She holds her hand and takes her ring. She hugs Chakor. Chakor says I m doing this for my sister’s happiness and goes. Ragini says I m prepared for tomorrow, this haveli’s all relations will break at dahi haandi time, my lovely Chakor Bhabhi…. She sees Chakor’s ring and smiles.

Chakor asks Imli to tell her feelings to Vivaan today. Ragini burns the cradle and talks to Bhaiya ji. She says Chakor will be blamed for this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Its getting boring now why cvs not starting sukor love story now chakor should forget vivaan now .,Sukorians if u r on twitter pls post on @colorstv ki sukor ko alag na kre or unka romance start kre bcoz vikorians are also posting for vikor reunion..

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