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Udaan 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kasturi giving saree to Imli. She asks Imli to give other saree to Chakor. Imli says I will give her, I know you miss her, why don’t you forgive her. Kasturi says its very late, next time you can meet Bhuvan, be careful and go. Imli says I will come soon, bless me, I want your blessings that my life ahead is good. Kasturi wishes to get all Imli’s sorrow and Imli just gets happiness. Imli cries and hugs Kasturi.

Tejaswini tells Chakor that you are earning money for Suraj, I m happy with you, so this gift is for you. She shows the ring and makes Chakor wear it. The servant asks is this god ring or fake. Ranjana says when Tejaswini is fake, how will ring be real. Tejaswini scolds maid and sends her to work. The maid passes by and Bhaiya ji’s pic was falling. Tejaswini scolds the maid. Chakor fixes pic and takes garland. Ragini stops Chakor and says this garland reminds me that I can never meet him. Tejaswini asks Ragini to leave. Ragini says Papa is alive. Chakor gets shocked. Ragini says in my heart…..

She gets a call. Chakor asks her to answer. Ragini lies about friend and goes. Bhaiya ji talks to Ragini on call. Chakor tries to hear Ragini and hides. Ragini goes. Chakor thinks whom was Ragini talking, is she going to Sitapur jail, I have to find it.

Suraj recalls Imli and thinks to talk to her. Imli comes home. She sees Sooraj’s name tattoo and their love moments. She says I should forget all the past memories. She says I m not weak and can erase this name, then Suraj will not have any right on me and my child. She keeps her hand over the candle and screams with pain. She burns her hand to erase Suraj’s name tattoo. She says I have erased last sign of Suraj, I m sure now I have left Suraj behind and can move on with my child, I m of Vivaan now by body, heart and soul.

Villagers ask Ragini about factory work. Ragini says I have no time now, I will meet later, I m in hurry now. Chakor looks at her and says Ragini is in hurry to reach somewhere, I should follow her. Suraj comes home. Imli says I was finding you, I have thrown icecream which you got for me, I m sorry, I felt bad. Suraj smiles and says its fine, I know you are angry with me, so I came to talk. She says let me say, you have hurt me a lot and I have forgiven you, now there is no bitterness for you in my heart, I have freed you from myself.

He says I know you are angry, and forgiven me, I don’t want freedom, I want to…. He holds her hand and she screams. He asks what happened, you had my name tattoo here. She says that name is gone now like all the past things, I have erased the name, I have regarded you more than Lord, you said you did mistake, I did mistake, you never said you love me, I misunderstood you and dreamt all that, I have erased your name, now I don’t love you. He gets shocked and leaves.

Chakor reaches the jail and sees Ragini. She follows Ragini and misses to find her. She thinks where to find her now. She stops seeing constable. She lies that she has come to meet her relative. She gets shocked seeing something.

Vivaan makes cradle for Imli’s baby. Ragini burns cradle and leaves Chakor’s ring. Imli slaps Chakor.

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