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Udaan 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suraj telling Chakor that he did not realize his feelings before, maybe he did not wish to accept his feelings, now its very late. She says yes, you are right, its late now. Suraj says you got chance to sprinkle salt on my wounds, you hate me. She says yes, I hate you a lot, you have used me like a toy, you made me helpless to support you infront of villagers, you used me as a bank cheque, you neglected my emotions and broke my heart, I hate you, but today a senseless and selfish Suraj is not infront of me, today this is such person who has realized heartbreaking pain for the first time.


Chakor asks Suraj to forget Imli, as he made the plan of bride swapping, you are bearing this punishment. He recalls what he did and holds his hand. He asks her do you get happy when you see

Vivaan with Imli, don’t you get upset. She says leave about me, you forget Imli. He asks why shall I forget, when I realized I love Imli, why shall I forget her, I did mistake, I know Imli is annoyed with me, I will apologize to her. She asks him not to hurt Imli now, she has moved on and made a dream house with Vivaan, don’t light spark in it, else you will write sorrow for all of us in our lives once again.

Imli likes the chaat. Vivaan says we will open a chaat shop. She says we will name it to our child. He likes the idea. She asks how will I take care of my child, I don’t know anything. He says Baa used to say baby teaches everything to mother, you don’t need to do anything, everything will happen on own. He feeds her chaat. She says its spicy. He says sorry and feeds water.

Chakor and Suraj come home. Vivaan asks Suraj about his wounds. Suraj gives icecream to Imli. Vivaan asks Imli to have icecream, as she wanted to have it. She says I did not wish to have it from Suraj. She asks Suraj why did he get this, she did not ask for it. Suraj says yes, I heard it. She asks do you hear husband and wife’s talk, who are you get this, whats relation between us. Chakor asks her to have some icecream, Suraj got this by hardwork. Imli takes icecream. Suraj and Chakor smile.

Imli throws icecream in dustbin. Chakor asks whats this bad behavior, you should have eaten some. Suraj gets sad. Imli says this is place of your icecream. Chakor asks how could you do this. Imli asks did you get along Suraj. Chakor says yes, he was drunk and I could not let him drive. Imli asks Suraj does he think that she will get convinced by all this, its time to return everything. Vivaan tells Imli that its not good for you to be awake till now. He takes Imli. Chakor asks Suraj to listen…. Suraj goes.

Chakor sees Suraj hurt and cares for him. He asks why is she doing favor. She says I did not see you like this before, I m glad that you have a heart, go and sleep on bed, stop thinking of Imli, she has gone far from you, your wounds will heal with time. Chakor takes care of Suraj.

Imli goes to meet Kasturi. Kasturi tells her that Suraj and you stay in same house, forget everything, forgive Suraj, think of yourself, husband and child. Imli says yes, you are saying right, I should think of moving on with Vivaan, I have spent less time with Vivaan and got to know whats love, he stays in big haveli and respects me a lot, when my child is born, I know Vivaan will love him more. Kasturi says I know Vivaan is really good person, your fate is good that you got a husband like Vivaan. She sees Suraj’s name tattoo on her hand and asks Imli to erase it now. Imli says you are right, its time to erase this.

Imli apologizes to Suraj for throwing icecream. Suraj says its fine, I know you are angry on me, so I came to talk to you.

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