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Udaan 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Vivaan telling Imli that he is sad that he could not get her fav icecream. Imli says I want chaat now. He asks what, it may upset your stomach. She says no, come. He says even I want to have chaat, come we will make together. Suraj asks Chakor to drive fast. She says whats the need to get icecream now. He says I read that pregnant women like to have sweets and sour things, the women have such craving to have what they like, only then mother and baby get calm. He asks her to stop car. She says this shop is shut.


Suraj says no shop is shut for me. He knocks the door. The man says the shop is closed, come tomorrow. Suraj says I came here before, my mobile is inside. He gets inside shop and looks for mobile. He acts and roams around. He sees strawberry icecream and says I did

not get my mobile, thanks for opening shop at night, I m feeling bad, I will buy something, you give me one dozen strawberry icecream.

The man says shop is closed, owner is gone, if we sell anything now, he will say we stealed. Suraj says whats the big deal, I m saying well, give icecream, else I know what to do. The man says you will force us now and asks him to leave. Suraj pushes them and takes icecream pack. Guards come and says keep icecream back. Suraj says its icecream, not gold. Guards beat him. Suraj kicks him and fights. Chakor wonders why is Suraj getting late, and hears sound. Suraj gets beaten up by guards.

Chakor goes to see. Suraj does not leave icecream. Chakor gets shocked seeing Suraj wounded. The guards beat him more. Chakor stops them and comes infront. The man says ask him to keep icecream first. Chakor sees Suraj holding icecream. The man recognizes Chakor and asks who is he. Chakor says he is my husband, he came to take icecream for me. She takes icecream for Suraj and asks the man to keep it, we don’t want this. The man says sorry, take this icecream from our side, its matter of love, you are lucky to get such husband. he got wounded and did not leave icecream, forgive us. She thanks the man. The man says this is called love. Suraj and Chakor leave.

Imli and Vivaan prepare to make chaat. Chakor asks Suraj did you get beaten up for an icecream. Suraj says its Imli’s wish, it should be fulfilled. Chakor asks him to sit in car. She sees baby’s sonography reports in the car.

Chakor says whats this sonography report doing here. Imli asks Vivaan what is he doing. He says I make good food. He cuts the vegs. Imli smiles seeing him. Chakor asks Suraj why did you not return this report to Imli. Suraj asks her to return it to him. She refuses. He says Imli will get many copies. She asks why are you doing this, you know you lost all rights on Imli and her child, whats this madness to get beaten up for Imli’s fav icecream. Vivaan tells Imli that he will cut onion, its my duty to take care of you and baby, I have habit to do this. Imli asks him not to walk around and laughs. Music plays………….. They smile.

Chakor says you have killed that relation by your hands, you can’t revive that relation. He asks her not to give lecture. She says Imli has forgotten you now, burn her memories Suraj, I will burn this. She gets lighter. He asks did you get mad and stops her from burning sonography report. She pushes him and lights the report. it starts raining. Suraj asks Chakor how dare you burn that, I don’t want to burn Imli and my child’s memories. Imli shuts windows and says its storm. She sees Vivaan crying while cutting onions. She says its enough, see your state. He says tears will come if I cut onions, let me do this, its my duty to see you and baby. She holds his hand and wipes his tears. She says I will always be with you.

Chakor asks Suraj does he want to be sorrowful after ruining everything, forget Imli. Vivaan and Imli catch hot potato and laugh. Their heads strike. Arere ye kya hua………..plays………. They both talk and make chaat together. Suraj says I can’t forget Imli, because I love Imli. Chakor gets shocked.

Suraj gives Imli her fav icecream. Vivaan asks Imli to take it, as she wanted to have it. Imli throws the icecream in dustbin. Chakor asks whats this. Imli says this is the place for your given icecream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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