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Udaan 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Ragini to say truth. Ragini says do you think I m fool to say my real name and defame family, I had many names there, I did not wish Papa to find me, why are you doubting on me, you think I came here with some intention, I came to help poor villagers. Chakor says we can see you are helping villagers, how did you get food and water for them so easily, how did you open shut factory, how you managed all alone. Ragini says I came prepared, I wanted to take Chakor along. Chakor asks why did you not tell me about your plan. Ragini says because you are Suraj’s wife. Suraj asks what does that matter. Ragini says this matters to villagers, they don’t trust Chakor. She thinks her answers convinced them.

Suraj says fine, you have all answers, whom do you meet in Sitapur

jail. Ragini says I did not meet anyone in jail. She shows childhood pics and says I have spent many years with memories, I know you have doubt on me, you are thinking how I defused bomb, I just thought to save villagers and risked my life, I just want to die. She starts crying.

Chakor asks what are you saying, why do you want to die. Suraj asks the same. Ragini says my Maa hates me, Chakor is also doubting on me, its good if I die, I know no one will be sorrowful. Chakor apologizes. Ragini says I love you all a lot, why are you all after me. Chakor says no, we just wanted to know… Ragini says you got wrong news, I did not meet anyone in jail, if you have doubt on me, I will leave haveli. Chakor says no, sorry, we should have not doubted on you. Suraj says its all clear, and reminds Ragini not to cut his way. He leaves. Chakor turns to leave. Ragini wipes her tears and smiles. Chakor sees Ragini smiling in mirror and gets shocked. Chakor leaves. Ragini says when I say this news to Papa, he will hug me, everyone trusts me now, even Chakor.

Imli wakes up Vivaan and tells him that she wants to have icecream now. Vivaan smiles and says fine, I will get from fridge. She says I don’t want that, I want my fav, Suraj used to get that for me. He says fine, tell me its taste and look. She says it was pink. He asks strawberry, but where will I get it now. She says I want it now. He says I will get it. She says no, it will take lot of time, I will come along and have it at the shop. He says fine, come. They leave.

Suraj sees them leaving. Chakor does exercise and recalls Ragini. She tells Suraj about Ragini. He gets a call and says Ragini was saying right. She says Ragini is well prepared, she is lying. He says you trusted her. She says yes, but I have seen something while leaving from the room. He asks what did you see. She says Ragini was smiling. He asks what are you saying, I did not like Ragini helping villagers, but she was saying by heart.

She says Ragini is cooking khichdi behind us. Suraj says I told you to stop thinking about Ragini, I stopped my men from following her, you also stop thinking. She says don’t do this, she will cheat us. He says I have many problems, you and Imli… I m going. She asks him not to disturb her sleep when he returns. He leaves. She says I don’t trust Ragini, its good she is not alert now and will do mistake, I will find out whom Ragini meets in jail.

Suraj gets drunk and says Vivaan does everything, he is star of everyone’s eyes, I will see whether he gets Imli’s icecream or not. He recalls Imli. FB shows Suraj getting icecream for Imli. She asks why did you get this. Suraj says because I shouted on you yesterday, have it fast. She smiles. FB ends.

Imli and Vivaan come home. Vivaan apologizes to Imli and says I could not get strawberry icecream. Imli says its fine, you took me to have icecream, chocolate one is also good. Suraj looks on. She sees Suraj and goes. Vivaan asks Suraj are you fine. Suraj says I m fine. Vivaan says you are drunk, I heard Chakor stopped me from drinking in haveli. Suraj says yes, I had wine outside. Vivaan says do anything you want and goes. Suraj goes to Chakor and wakes her. She says I have to practice in morning, let me sleep. He says I want your help for Imli. She asks what happened to Imli, you got drunk. Suraj says yes, I went out and had wine. She asks about Imli. Suraj says Imli is fine, she wants icecream, her fav flavor is strawberry, Imli and Vivaan did not get it, just I know where to get it. Chakor says you want to get icecream for Imli, since when did you get worry for her.

Chakor scolds Suraj for ruining his love and being sorrowful now. She asks Suraj to forget Imli. Suraj says I can’t forget Imli, because I love Imli.

Update Credit to: Amena

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