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Udaan 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Tejaswini talking rudely to Ragini. Ragini acts sweet and apologizes, saying I m your daughter. Chakor hears them and asks Tejaswini to forgive her daughter, if she starts her old habits, it will defame family, she needs your guidance, if you treat her like this, she will run away. Tejaswini says I want her to run away. Chakor says how can you say this being a mother. Tejaswini says she is not my daughter. Chakor gets shocked.

Chakor says maybe Suraj has something written about Ragini, I should check. Chakor checks and gets a file named Ragini. She says Suraj has file on everyone’s names, he should have been in police. Suraj comes and takes file, asking how did she touch his things without asking him. she says I wanted to know about Ragini. He asks her to go. She says I won’t go, I want to see whats in this file. He does not give file and she tries to snatch. Papers fall down and she picks Ragini’s birth certificate. She says Tejaswini said right, Ragini is not her daughter, you knew this, it means Ragini is Bhaiya ji’s…. Suraj says no need to tell this to anyone. She thinks if Ragini knows this, whats her intentions, why did she come here. She says there is no criminal records, Ragini said she did crimes and earned living. He says yes, its not here, maybe my men did not check, I will find out, I have imp work to get villagers sign on contract, think of events. She says I will earn money, don’t do this, I spent many years to make them free, you can’t make them bandhua again.

Ragini tells the man that he should reach Aazaadgunj on time tomorrow. He says sure. She thinks Papa will be glad to know changes in Aazaadgunj, Suraj has to give me accounts.

Chakor asks Imli is she fine. Bijli says Imli is making breakfast for Vivaan. Suraj looks on. Imli says I don’t know what to make for Vivaan and raksha bandhan day. Chakor suggests her Vivaan’s choice. Imli thanks her. Chakor asks are you still annoyed with me. Imli says no, else I would have not taken your advice, why is Suraj here. Suraj says I came to see as I got sound of something falling, I don’t want anyone. He goes. Chakor says you gave me big idea, villagers won’t need to sign on contract tomorrow. She calls Sharma ji and ask for help.

The villagers wait for Suraj and discuss will they become bandhua again. Suraj comes there and sits. Servant says all villagers are here, except Chagan. Suraj asks Lakhan where is your son. Lakhan says he will come. Suraj tells them whats written in contract, and asks them to sign on it. Bhuvan agrees and goes to sign. Suraj smiles. Chakor comes and stops Bhuvan. She says you all listen to me first, I request you to wait for few days, I spoke to NGO head, he said he will send ration and clean wells, don’t become bandhua again, agree to me. They all get in dilemma to trust Chakor or not.

Suraj says my mood is happy, so I m leaving you, stay away from all this. Bhuvan says we can’t trust Chakor, we will do what Suraj says. They all go to sign.

Imli gives food to Vivaan. She feels for him, and thinks why does she feel jealous of Chakor, no what am I thinking, I can’t cheat Chakor. Vivaan likes the paratha and tells Imli that its raksha bandhan. She says yes, you always missed Ragini. He says yes. She says Ragini told me. He asks why are you so good, have paratha by my hand. She says I m your wife and this is my duty.

Kasturi says I will apply thumb impression first so that Chakor can see how we became bandhua again. A van comes and stops there. Chagan and Ragini get ration and water. Lakhan says I told you Chagan will come soon. Ragini says no need to sign on papers, Suraj is doing wrong, he has cut down resources to put pressure on you, whats guarantee that he won’t do this again. Chagan says yes, she is saying right, no need to sign, Ragini got ration and water for one week. Chakor smiles. Suraj asks what after one week, how will ration come. Ragini says I will open factory in village and give you all job and salary, there won’t be need to sign contract. The man says if Ragini changes then… Chagan says no, she loves all of us, she is not like haveli people, come over this side whoever wants to be with us. Everyone go to Ragini’s side. Suraj stops his goons and says she is my sister, I will deal with her. The villagers praise Ragini. Chakor thinks Ragini did big thing, but how so soon, why did she nor trust me and not say anything, we both had same intentions. Ragini smiles.

Ragini says I have to be careful, Suraj and Chakor are doubting on me. Chakor tells Suraj that they should find out about Ragini’s past, where she has stayed till now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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