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Udaan 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Udaan 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Chakor finding the bomb. She says she has to call Vivaan. Ragini says now it will be fun and waits. Chakor worries as the timer starts. She says if I don’t do anything, the bomb will explode in five mins. Suraj thinks where is Imli, its good if she is away from all this, I will go and see this. Chakor says I have to take bomb out of haveli. Ragini comes there and sees Chakor. She says I won’t let Chakor take bomb out easily. She shouts there is bomb in haveli. The villagers rush and ask where is the bomb. Tejaswini, Ranjana, Suraj and all villagers worry and get shocked seeing the bomb.

Chakor asks Ragini what is she doing, everyone is getting scared. Suraj says I have to find Imli. He goes to Imli. Imli looks for Vivaan. Suraj holds her hand and says someone kept bomb in haveli, come with me. She refuses. He asks her to understand, and lifts her to take her away. Ragini says I won’t let anything happen to you, and wastes their time saying she will defuse bomb. Vivaan comes and asks Ragini to move, bomb would explode anytime. Ragini sits smiling and does not do anything. Everyone get tensed. Ragini stops the timer at last second and says this bomb is defused now, I defused it. Everyone get glad and clap. Vivaan thanks Ragini. Everyone praise her.

Suraj takes Imli outside. Imli slaps him. She reminds she is Vivaan’s wife now and asks him not to touch her. He raises hand and stops. He says you won’t go anywhere, I heard there is bomb in haveli, I got you here for your and baby’s sake, I m forgiving you for this slap, I m worried for our child to be safe. She asks what did you say, you are a devil, I don’t want my son to be devil like you, this is my and Vivaan’s child. He says everyone knows whose child is this.

Chakor says there is something fishy, how was this so easy for Ragini. Bhuvan goes to Imli and asks are you fine. She says yes. He praises Ragini for saving them. The villagers leave. Vivaan comes out and gets relieved seeing Imli. Bhuvan says Vivaan cares for you a lot. Vivaan and Imli hug and smile. Suraj gets angry. Chakor thinks the man’s words and says I don’t understand how did that man know amount in our account, I have to find out. Suraj leaves. Vivaan asks Imli is she fine, Ragini defused bomb and saved everyone, how did you come out alone. Imli says I m fine, are you fine. He says yes. Bhuvan blesses them and leaves.

Chakor tells Vivaan that we could not do anything, but how did Ragini defuse bomb, its strange. Vivaan says you doubt on everyone, you don’t believe anyone, she saved many lives. Imli agrees with Vivaan. Chakor says I m sorry. Tejaswini comes and asks for Suraj. Suraj comes. Vivaan says I already did puja for my dad’s peace. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana and asks for whose soul peace will she do puja, Manohar or Bhaiya ji. Ranjana gets shocked. Vivaan and Imli leave. Chakor thinks where did Ragini go. Ranjana asks Tejaswini to see what she is doing. Ragini is on the way and gets a call. She says I m coming to meet you, I m on the way.

Suraj and everyone sit to do puja for Bhaiya ji’s soul peace. Pandit asks Suraj to do rituals. Ragini goes to Sitapur jail and meets Bhaiya ji. Suraj does rituals. Pandit says soul peace puja got completed now. Ragini asks how are you Papa. Bhaiya ji laughs. Bhaiya ji hugs her and asks did Vivaan transfer the money or not. She says no, Chakor found the bomb, and our threatening failed. He gets angry and asks did Chakor lose you. Ragini says no, I did not let Chakor win, I defused the bomb, all villagers trust me now, you should have seen that, they all praised me and called me Devi avatar. He gets glad and says you have my blood in your veins. The man says meeting time is over. Ragini gives him money and sends. She asks Bhaiya ji what did he think next.

Bhaiya ji says I will do what I decided, you have to make Chakor trust you, she should not doubt on us, she is very clever, whenever I caught her, she slipped out of my hands, she has troubled me a lot, you don’t know all this. He angrily shouts and hits hand on wall. Ragini cries. Bhaiya ji calms down and says Chakor would be thinking how did you defuse bomb, you keep answer ready. Ragini says don’t worry, I have thought of all answers, Chakor won’t doubt on me. He says one mistake can fail us, you be careful and think ahead. She says your revenge will get fulfilled.

He recalls how Chakor got him punished. Ragini asks him to see food. She says don’t worry, I will manage everything. He says I think my good days will come back. She says sure, I will leave now, take care. She leaves. He says Chakor has hurt me a lot, but I will not let you go free, I will kill you in one shot.

Its morning, Ragini goes to some lonely place. She asks the man why did he come late. She gives him money and asks him to hurry up. The man gives her some paper. She sends him. She thinks Chakor will not doubt on me after seeing these papers. She thinks to play next game and call Chakor. She calls Chakor and says I got something that can stop Suraj, you have to meet me. Chakor thinks why does Ragini want to help me, and what is Suraj doing.

Chakor cancels Suraj’s contract. Suraj stops her and threatens her. Chakor asks him not to do anything against Imli.

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