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U may fall in love may times…But it is not true always!! {TwiNj and TwiRaj} Segment 1

Hello friends how are you all? Hope all are doing well! I am here with the first segment of this FF, “U can fall in love many times…But it is not always true!!” Which is based on your respective couples TWIRAJ and TWINJ!
This part will be a bit short but I will try to come across your expectations 
Keep smiling  Always 
Pyaar ka pehla panna!
A woman is seen sitting on the bed and crying miserably…Her eyes are welled up with tears of pain!
She says, “Why, why did you do so Kunj? You left me and didn’t think of our love! Was our Love so weak that it will break in a moment? Our Love was so strong but…your one misunderstanding broke each and every relationship! Our relationship ended the day you failed to believe me! I lived 5 years as “Twinkle Yuvraaj Luthra” but just for name sake I was always, “Twinkle Kunj Sarna” but you made me believe that our love was just bind with name! Just because I was Yuvraaj’s wife I am no more yours! Yuvi married me for our love! Our sign of Love! For our Parizay!”
A girl comes in…holding a teddy bear!
“Mumma! I am not getting sleep! Can you please tell me the story of the Prince and Princess! Please!”
The woman wipes her tears and she is none other than Twinkle!
“Come here my doll!” says Twinkle and stretches her arms saying so.
The girl who is hardly 5, rushes in her embrace!
“So there was a princess! Who was PRINCESS OF AMRITSAR! And a prince who was the HEART-ROB OF THE NATION! They met each other and disliked each other at the first meet…(Kunj and Twinkle’s first meet is shown in the flashback as Twinkle thinks so!) They used to fight with each other a lot! (All Twinj nok-jhoks are flashed!) Everyone thought that they will be like this always but…Destiny wanted something else and the Prince and Princess got married after many conflicts (Twinj wedding is shown in FB, Twinkle smiles as a tear escapes her eye!) but…(Her marriage with Yuvraaj after the assumed death of Kunj is shown and her smile fades!) everything changed….”
A man enters the room wearing black pant shirt with blue blazer!
“The prince and princess slowly and gradually started to fall in love with each other! And many hurdles came in their love life but they stood firm with each other and confessed their love to the world! After some time they were blessed with a beautiful angel and they lived happily ever after!”
“Wow!” and the little girl claps happily!The girl hugs the man and says, “My papa is the best! I love you papa so, so, so much!”
The man is revealed to be Yuvraaj!

The girl and Yuvraaj share some cute moments and play along!
Twinkle smiles and thinks, “Yuvraaj Luthra…No one ever thought that this person will ever change! The one who was selfish, who only knew how to snatch, who was stubborn for his madness changed that much that he sacrificed the most precious years of his life for me, for his wife! The wife who was nothing more than a friend to him, he sacrificed 5 years for her! He made me smile when my heart used to cry! He is my true friend as I believe ANYONE CAN MAKE U CRY…MANY PEOPLE CAN MAKE U SMILE…BUT IT TAKES ONE PERSON TO MAKE U SMILE WITH TEARS IN YOUR EYES!”
A man is seen standing a few distance away from the window of the room, he thinks, “5 years! I can never forget these 5 years! These years were the worst part of my life! Just because of my stupidity I lost most precious relations of my life, my Siyappa Queen, my daughter, my family! Yeah my daughter who even don’t know that I am her father! But I won’t blame Yuvi for all this as he was the one who looked after my family, who took care of my Siyappa Queen, in my absence and more over he never made my daughter feel the absence of her father, instead gave his name to her! I am her father just for namesake but what Yuvi did maybe I would never be able to do that! I am thankful to him but still I can’t share my family with him! What to do Babaji?”
The person is revealed to be Kunj!
After a while…..
In Twinkle’s room, Yuvraaj is sleeping on the couch with his angel! Twinkle is sleeping while sitting…She wakes up…She moves towards Yuvraaj and makes him wake up!
“Yuvi! Yuvi! Yuvi yaar wake up! Yuvi!”
“What is it Twinkle! Let me sleep peacefully!”
“Who is stopping you from sleeping! Just go to your room and sleep as long as you wish!”


Yuvraaj sits and realizes he is in Twinkle’s room!

“Voh I am sorry! While playing with Pari I don’t know when I fell asleep! I am sorry Twinkle!”
“Arey baba sorry aise bol rahe ho jaise mein tumhe kha jaoungi! Aur tum hi to bolte they ke DOSTI MEIN NO SORRY NO THANK YOU! Ab kya hua uss usool ka!” (U are saying sorry as if I will eat you up! And you used to say only that no sorry and thank you in friendship!)
“Acha now shall I go and sleep or you have something else to say?”
“No no you go!”
“Good night Twinkle!”
“Good night! Yuvi ruko!” (Yuvi stop)
“Now what?”
“Tujhe ho kya gaya hai tu kabse mujhe Twinkle bulane laga?” (What has happened to you, since when have you started calling me Twinkle!”
“Teri zindagi mein tera pyaar, tera kunj waapis aa gaya hai! Jab puranay rishtey dobara judtey hai toh naye rishton ko todna hi behtar hota hai warna zindagi aur ulajh jati hai! Mein tera dost tha, hoon, aur hamesha rahoun ga! Aur rahi baat Kunj ki toh woh tera pati hai aur pyaar bhi! Tum, Kunj aur Parizay ek perfect family ho! Best of luck!” (Your love, you Kunj is back in your life! When you have to mingle back with past relations so new relations are better to be broken or life gets more complicated! I was your friend, I am your friend, and I will always be your friend! And till it is for Kunj, so he is your husband and love as well! You, Kunj and Parizay make a perfect family!)
Yuvraaj leaves saying so, leaving Twinkle confused!
Yuvraaj stands beside his room’s window and thinks, “What to do Baba ji? I am confused! How to leave those relations which I have made in the past 5 years, the relationship of a son, the relationship of a son-in-law, relationship of a friend, and moreover the relationship of a father! I may sacrifice my love for Twinkle but I can’t leave my daughter Pari! I accept that Kunj is her biological father but what about me? I loved her more than anything I have ever loved! The string of Twinkle and my relationship was Pari only! We married for her sake! I always had the hope that Twinkle will one day feel for me because of Parizay but that hope is killed as well! Why it always happen with me only? Why?
There Twinkle comes near the window of her room and stares at the stars, she thinks, “Before when Kunj was not with me and all assumed him dead I used to share my grief with these stars only as they are the one whom a person can believe with a second thought! Kunj is my husband but Yuvraaj…He is my Parizay’s father! What to do God? Show me the correct way please!”
Kunj also comes near the window in his room! He thinks, “Till date everyone assumed Yuvi as the villain but now I am becoming the villain! I accept that I am Pari’s father but Pari is Yuvraj’s daughter! I will never try to spoil their relationship but I want my daughter to understand me as well, I can’t tell her that I am her father but I can remain with her as her friend and maybe by that Twinkle will start trusting me again! Baba ji help me!”
Ending on the split faces of Yuvraaj, Twinkle and Kunj!
Precap : Parizay calls, “Papa!” Both Yuvraaj and Kunj turns at the same time and says, “Yes beta!” Yuvraaj and Kunj look towards each other while Parizay looks on confused and Twinkle is seen tensed! Background voice says : Naye aur Puranay rishton ki ek dor PARI! (The string of new and old relations PARI!) Kunj, Twinkle and Yuvraaj are shown as of in the title!
Promo: Twilisha Malik the most awaited entry will be entering by segment 5! Her entry will be a dhamakedar one but for the pairs…you will get to know soon! ?

Siddhant Gupta as Kunj Sarna
Jasmin Bhasin as Twinkle Taneja/Twinkle Sarna/Twinkle Luthra
Zain Imam as Yuvraaj Luthra
Mariyam Khalif as Parizay
So the update ends here! How was it? Sorry if you guys were bored! Sorry no Twinj or Twiraj scenes and sad and emotional yet tensed update for you all so I hope you all will not hate over me for this reason! Twinj and Twiraj friends please support me and I am pretty sure that my decisions for the pairs will not disappoint you! Even if then you want to discontinue this FF then it is totally up to you as I don’t want to force anyone to read my FF! And sorry to writers on whose FFs I was not able to comment due to the sudden demise in my family I am not getting time for FFs but still you all are superb writers and don’t worry I will be catching up with your updates 
Stay blessed!
Keep smiling  Always 
Love you all!

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