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U & I Will Never Be One (RAGLAK) [EPISODE 9]

Bear with my typing errors and grammatical mistakes.

Ragini’s POV:
The life is disaster. The one whom I loved immensely, unconditionally left me. My jaanki maa, my Laksh (who was not mine anymore), My Dadi maa kept me away from herself, My Dadaji cursed me and broke all the ties after that incident and now I don’t have the courage to face Dad. Now all must have known that where I was in these 6 months. I have 3 strongest pillars beside me now they are my life. Now I have to complete my task, my mission. I know Dad would have been leading his prosperous life with his wife and Swara. I don’t want to make his life more complicated. I don’t want my presence to cause more sufferings in that house. I am happy for my dad atleast now he followed his heart. By now everyone would’ve knew that I am their Ragini, ‘The Ragz’ is their Ragini. I just want to see a glance of my Grandparents my dad and baadi the remembrance of my childhood, the place where I can feel my maa.


“Ragz what’s happening? Where are you lost” Jia asked nudging me

I quickly scanned the place we were crossing Baadi I peeped out from the car’s window. I wished to see Dad but soon I realised that I am not there Ragini anymore! I sat firmly and shook my head. Jia smirked and continued with her headphones.
No more past just concentrate on your future I leaned back and took a deep breath and……..

Her pov ends.

Soon there car stops infront of a big mansion. Bodyguards standing on the door, elegant pool in the big garden. After seeing their cars bodyguards come into action and open the gates for them. A lady in mid 50s comes there with a pooja thal dressed in a cream coloured saari.
“Maa walk slowly, a few min back u said that ur knees are paining now your guests have came so you forgot your pain” A girl rushed towards her.
“She shona I was correct that she was pretending. Sumi when will you reform” A man of the same age with that lady came.
“When you’ll become Grandpa” The lady told
Man stopped for a second, his face was clear. He was Shekhar while the girl and lady were Swara and Sharmishta respectively.
Maheshwaris also came there.
“Ji…. who is this ragz I want to see her photo” Sujata asked
“Maa this is a surprise. I haven’t told Swara bhabi also. No one is allowed to see her photo” Uttara said.
Sujata shook her head.
“I am going when you guys are done with them then call me”
“Kya Laksh Bhai plz stay here for me”
Laksh nodded
The car stopped infront of them.
Rehaan, Abhi and Jia came out of the car. Uttara’s smile fades.
“U are Ragz?” Sujata said pointing towards Jia.
Jia and Abhi looked confused while Rehaan looked for her.
“You don’t know Ragz. Unbelievable!” Abhi mocked at her.
“Ahh she is in car. I think she slept. Don’t worry I’ll call her” Jia said.
“She’ll never reform” Rehaan said and opened the car’s door while Laksh looked uninterested.
“Ragz!” Rehaan
“Haan! What happened” She woke with a jerk.
Everyone got suspicious and locked their eyes on the car’s door while Laksh’s heart beat started racing.
“You slept damn it!”
“Sorry” she said with an innocent face.
He smiled.
“Now come out. We’ve reached.”
She came out and got the biggest shock of her life. She was standing there. Infront of Gadodias and Maheshwaris. Sujata scanned her from head to toe. Unbelievable the girl who couldn’t roam without pallu was now standing in a crop top worn out jeans and leather boots with high makeup and curly hairs. She hadn’t left any type of jewellery.
Sharmishta was now fuming in anger. Laksh gave his million dollar smile to Uttara. She replied with a cute smile.
Ragini relaxed herself and started moving towards them.
Rehaan talked with them while Ragini was busy with her mobile.
“So Ragz we’ll be living in this mansion that’s even better with those hotels”
Ragini gets bit uncomfortable but soon composes herself and continued with her mobile.
“Are you listening to me?”
“Yeah. Ok I have no problem”

Ragini’s pov:
What’s going on! How on earth I came across them. Aren’t they living in Baadi anymore? Where are Dadaji and Dadi maa?
I stepped inside the mansion. My eyes welled up. The hall was decorated with the pictures of Swara, her mum, dadi ma, dadaji and Dad. There was no photo of mine and my Jaanki maa. Indeed, I was born to be alone in this world. My trust on Dad was shaken, today he didn’t expressed the fatherly love after seeing me. Was he so happy in his sumptuous life that he forgot his daughter and his FIRST wife.
Everyone dispersed.
Uttara came and hugged me abruptly I hugged her back because she was a true soul and had nothing with me and my mission.
“I missed you so much.”
“I missed you too”
“Come I’ll show you Swara Bhabi’s house”
I was hurt on listening ‘Swara Bhabi’s house’. This house seriously had nothing related to me and my maa. This was the world of Sharmishta, Swara, Sanskar and SHEKHAR GADODIA.
I nodded in disagreement but she insisted.
“Let’s start with Laksh bhaiya’s room”
She’d perfectly known my condition still she wants me to go in that room. No Never!
“I don’t want to go there”
Her innocent face makes me smile. I nodded.
As soon as I entered his room I was literally shocked. Whole room was decorated with my pictures. The walls were fully covered and a single piece of wall wasn’t visible.


Short indeed.
A big Soooooooooooory!!!! I was disappointed with short replies on my previous part but when I overcome the fact I came to know that I had my exams and in mid july I even visited Gujarat. Hehee. So sorry friends. My exams are still going and I have to submit my projects. In short guyz I am so sorry and will try my best to give long and regular updates.


Rehaan: Karan Wahi
Jia : Kanchi Singh
Abhi : Raashul Tondon


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