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U can fall in love many times…But it is not true always!! {TwiNj and TwiRaj} Promo

Hey friends, how are u all? I hope all are doing well. Well I am good as always ? And as I am busy with life and studies so not getting time to update, just thought of giving a promo so here it is, well it is kinda boring so please bear with it ?

Yuvraaj asks Parizay, “Angel, if ever u get to knoe that I am not your papa then what will u do?”
Parizay replies cutely, “Come on papa! You were my papa and u will remain my papa, whether u are, or u or not! As I have always found a best father in u! U are my world’s best papa!” And hugs UV, while UV looks on helplessly.
Yuvraaj brings Twinkle to Kunj and says, “Here u go bro, ur AMANAT was with me, but the time has come to return it back.” He makes Twinkle and Kunj hold one another’s hand and turns back with tears in his eyes.
Twinkle is seen in a bridal dress taking wedding rounds, but the groom’s face is not revealed as if the SEHRA.
Yuvraaj is driving the car and is in search if Twinkle and so is Kunj on the otherside, UV’s side is focused, he is tensed and thinks, “Oh God Twinkle, where are u?” Suddenly he applies break, and says in shock, “Twinkle!!”

So the promo ends here. How was it. I seriously find it boring, and I am sorry if I bored u out ??? But still how was it? And what do u think about the couples?
What is the couple gonna be?
Anyways the couples are Twinj and Twiraj in any case ? Look how intelligent I am ? Just kidding ???
Well now bye!

Keep smiling ?

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